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Comment Awesome! (Score 1) 147

This is awesome. I went to the UW and I came from a very poor, under-taught school out in the sticks and from a family well below the poverty line. My intention was to be a computer science major, but I wasn't even fully prepared for pre-calc. As a result, I took a huge hit on math early on and it kind of sank my dreams. Luckily, I was able to get into another great major (Informatics) which wasn't quite as math heavy and still ended up in the profession I wanted doing quite well.

If I had this program available to me, I would have only graduated 1 quarter later than I did and I, likely, would have gotten into the major I wanted. I ended up taking the pre-calc course over again during my 2nd year and then doing very well (4.0, 3.8) in the following two calculus classes, but only after I had acclimated to the learning environment and because there wasn't any stress on me to do well in the calculus courses. So, I had it in me, I just wasn't prepared coming in. I'll say it again, this is a great idea.

Anyone doubting this tactic, I encourage you to realize that not all Universities are the same and the UW is a very difficult university to do well in. It's unlikely I would have had such a hard time at other less difficult schools (Washington State University, for example) where some of my friends went for a while to pad their grades to get into their major of choice at the UW.

Comment Re:Use the best software (Score 3, Informative) 170

This won't work. Almost all forms of autocross guarantee a driver 3 runs (each driver does one run, then each driver does a second set, etc.). Knowing what time you have to beat after each run is a huge part of autocross. The data has to be input in real time, or at least close so that results can be viewed after each run. This problem gets worse with ProSolo, where there are two courses and challenges require results for a class to figure "handicap times". Additionally, multiple cars are on course at one time (generally like 3), so it's very difficult for one person to do.

In my region, we have some open source custom software that a local member wrote that works pretty good and automatically inputs the times as they come in. I've modified the software to make entering our timing cards faster, but we're a bluetooth bar code reader and some business cars away from having a very streamlined process.

The other thing the author of the original question is missing out is how penalties for hitting cones or missing gates is entered. There has to be some human interaction there. If my region didn't have timing cards, we trusted the computer and the operator completely, we could have 1 person running timing, instead of 2 (I'm not counting the announcer or course control). National level SCCA autocross handles this problem by having someone with a bar code scanner standing near the start line that scans a bar code on your helmet as you drive up.

Submission + - Homeland Security Issues Subpoenas to Bloggers (

WebMasterP writes: In still developing news from AirlineReporter, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is serving subpoenas to bloggers in, what looks like, a witch hunt. It appears DHS is looking for evidence about information leaks regarding the recently reported on TSA Security Directive SD-1544-09-06. This is drawing some ire from airline reporters.

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