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Comment Re:Sickening (Score 1) 315

No, what is sickening is Israels blatant genocide (THEY should know better), their disregard for formal UN resolutions, and the US's steadfast support of the last apartheid supporting government in the world, resulting in them getting botty-smacked on 9-11. Their is no place in the world for a state whose membership is based on racial criteria.

Comment Re:Name one non-rapator that uses flapping for spe (Score 1) 59

How fast can YOU run with your arms held by your side? There's huge benefit in swinging your arms while running, and I'm sure I'd start flapping too if chased by something bigger than me with teeth. There's also huge benefits in terms of balance if rapidly changing direction while running, or navigating tricky terrains slowly. Flying could then be the added advantage of not dying when you fall.

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