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Comment What bother? (Score 0) 847

The way the UK is treating the case has everything to do with the fact we're angry with him,

I'm not angy with him. He can stay here as long as he likes, it's none of my business.

What's upsetting me is that when the Queen dies all she has will be passed on to the dick head of the family. What a family of nobs that is going to be. I already feel depressed because some **** for brains voted for Tony Blair.

I haven't got over Thatcher yet!
As for that silly ******, Churchill....


Comment Tl,dr (Score 1) 847

Point is, nail somebody with a sex crime charge, nobody listens to him anymore. True or not, Assange's credibilty went down the shitter when the charges were announced. He'll never get past them.

And the kicker is that for each allegation, it is one person's word against another. No sensible court would even agree to have such a case heard.
So why did any further "investigation" take place?
And why put any citizen to the expense of travelling all the way to Sweden from Britain to talk about it?
If I was innocent I'd tell the bastards to **** off, too.
Who wouldn't?
Especially if I was broke.

The conspiracy theory is more than a mere theory. AND while we are at it:
There ARE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Ever since George the Thick put them there. They litter the streets and the land fill. Depleted uranium and phosphorus shells. General Issue.

Thanks GIs. I must go there for my holidays. Sounds inviting.


Comment Re:Why bother? (Score 2) 847

What about things like the identities of spies, plans for future military operations, and details of ongoing criminal investigations?

Which parts of:
"of the people, by the people and for the people"
give you the most difficulty?
Perhaps we can help.

You see, there is this ******** big country that is thousands of miles from any potential enemy (but making more and more of them every minute) that is full of people armed to the teeth and rich as **** with umptythousands of way of mobilising... food coming out their ears and....

What does it need spies for?
And who are they spying on?
And why?

What criminal investigations?
Are you talking about diebold voting machines?
Or is it the use of passenger images as porn?
Investigating the perverts who examine women going abroad who are about to hit rag week?

Is that who you mean?
Or are we talking Quartzsite again?


Comment A very powerful minority (Score 1) 847

If you truly are willing to spend the rest of your life in jail, and likely in solitary confinement, for your ideals then that puts you in a very small minority.

Nobody is willing to die for their country yet a powerful minority are ordered to do so with depressing regularity.

While the USA was poisoning, bombing, raping and in various other ways commiting general acts of genocide in Vietnam, a small minority were getting killed for Uncle Sam there too. Meanwhile a very, very small minority were walking on the moon also courtesey of Uncle Sam. And some were burning draught cards. And then there was the Manson family...

The United States is ruled by a carde of people wo are out of touch with reality. They are a small minority of the millions of people who live there (and how many of those small minorities have equal and opposite rights? I.e. None!)

For all the ideals of fair play so called democracy is supposed to have in it, it is all based on small minorities.

Some more powerful than others.
But only temporarily.
I am waiting for a small minority of one to shoot George Bush. I don't think I am in the minority either.


Comment Re:The Day we Found the Universe (Score 0) 31

Almost a pity to have to tell you that the least constant constant in physics is Hubble's Constant.
It's so bad it's not even a factor let alone a constant.
It would be just bad if it varied by one or two units. It is argued that it varies by orders of magnitude.

So they are using something that is orders of magnitude out to use orders of magnitude to tell us how old we are?
There's interesting, isn't it.
Dyna fo, chwarae teg, ynte.

A little tribute to the Welsh there, whom according to Julius Caesar, thought the sky was falling down on their heads.
It took an English man to prove them right.
Bloody saxons. There's too many of them in my country.
Bloody Romans!

Mustn't grumble.


Comment Who the **** do we think we are? (Score -1, Offtopic) 31

[IMGCENTER=] This picture kind of sums up everything I have been thinking the last day or so. So remote that Messier couldn't make it out much more than as a patchy blur 2 or 3 centuries ago.

Now I can see spirals in it. And what is the use of the Hubble?
It can tell us how old we are. Why is this thing set out in an Archimedes spiral?
That's what I want to know. Who the hell cares how old it is?

Stupid stupid people.
But can we at least agree that it is beautiful?

So why isn't it ugly?

We have never seen it before. It had no reason to be pretty.
Yet it is.

Diamond bright, the sky at night reflects the glory of Jehovah.


Comment Re:A true loss (Score 1) 480

Well, if "if he didn't do it, someone else would have" is a qualifier, he sure is on par with Columbus.


Armstrong didn't kill anyone or enslave the rest of the people in the area he visited. Or in the region Columbus did all that damage to.

But as is stated in a post below this (at the time of writing: by fm6 (162816) Alter Relationship on Saturday August 25, @07:55PM) he was just a man and part of a team. But he symbolised the rest of the team and was its ideal.

Comment Re:A class act (Score 1) 480

Truth is often wierder. I was looking for the NASA moon phases as part of my blog earlier and the bookmark just wouldn't open. So I wrote a thread titled: Nasa's moon is down.

Now I feel guilty.
As well as sad.

If only US politicians had half the gumption of those Right Stuff, god would let us go to Mars.
As it is I'm pretty nigh certain he thinks we are unfit for service.
Nevertheless there are some good things in there if it can throw up people like him.

Comment Re:One of my first memories (Score 1) 480

I was 6. My grandmother was watching with me. She told me that when she was my age, they hadn't yet flown the first aircraft. I think she was born in 1892. I extrapolated from this that by the time I grew up, there would be colonies on the moon, and I'd be living the life of George Jetson. I'm disappointed. But if it hadn't been for the Apollo program, I might not have become an engineer.

So you are the one we should blame?

Don't be too hard on yourself, I'm sure there were others.

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 312

Just of the back of an envelope somebody, please... how much does it cost to produce a song?
And why can't the recording companies make a living selling the originals when Divderp with an internet connection and a DVD player can make his fortune and pay those sorts of fines if he gets caught?

Can anyone make a song about this and get rich quick or is it copyrighted?

Comment You see... there was this king called Charles (Score 1) 915

Once a ponner time there was this kerfuffle in Britain that did immense damage to the local law enforcement agencies and it all could have been circumvented if the perp had just put his head on the block right at the start.

It's not as if he needed a fair trial or anything; he was king after all.

People had a bit of a skewed version of the events. There was no massive level of hunting going on, only normal legal methods, that got drawn out by his behaviour.

Comment ssh? Or (Score 1) 247

This was always a problem with "that" generation. The people in their dotage now, were the same generation that were leaving their IFF on over the whole journey to Germany and back in the early forties.

Apparently they used to think it was "lucky". (Don't ask me why. Apparently when you are stressed-out you start relying on superstition more than logic.)

Fortunately not many of them have survived to become computer users. Or if they did, they got so badly mauled in the 1990's that they gave it all up as a bad job along time ago.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 0) 214

In Iraq, the US and British and other allied forces removed the ruling party and destroyed the US armaments the Iraqi forces had. The Iraqi army virtually melted into the background. To this day the "insurgents" don't know who they are dealing with.

I presume you don't know the meaning of the term insurgent:
1: a person who revolts against civil authority or an established government; especially : a rebel not recognized as a belligerent
2: one who acts contrary to the policies and decisions of one's own political party

In either description the term hardly applies in Iraq or Afghanistan. So maybe I shouldn't use it to describe the aliens who have taken such misery with them to those places. But what the hell; it's not as though I am going to lose any karma over it.


Comment Re:Cost (Score 0) 214

>>It seems that the USA has become the neonazi military regime. It barely worked in Korea,

>the US's Commander In Chief not been utterly incompetent at everything he ever did.

I can't work out where you are agreeing with me. At first glance you appear to be disagreeing but not with anything I said.
It must be my bad Karma -whatever that is.

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