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Comment Say Whaaa? (Score 1) 383

He needs to put the crack pipe down and back away slowly. We can't even replace a knee or hip joint artificially and get a 100% replacement and those are just mechanical devices. Yes, they help people but they are still not going to be 'good as new' and he think the brain/conciousness/soul can be replaced in 2045. Again put the crack pipe down.

Comment Ahh the days (Score 1) 623

For myself, BASIC on a VIC20 and a TRS-80, then some assembly on a Commodore 64 then Apple with basic and Pascal. Not myself, but an interesting story about a guy I met many years ago was taking a programming class where the Professor said he didnt care what language they used for their projects. So, what he did was write the program in postscript so you would feed the program into the printer and get the result as print output. Kinda clever I thought.

Submission + - Super-powered battery breakthrough claimed by US team (

another random user writes: A new type of battery has been developed which its creators say could revolutionise the way we power consumer electronics and vehicles.

The University of Illinois team says its use of 3D-electrodes allows it to build "microbatteries" that are many times smaller than commercially available options, or the same size and many times more powerful.

It adds they can be recharged 1,000 times faster than competing tech.

The researchers said their innovation should help address the issue that while smartphones and other gadgets have benefited from miniaturised electronics, battery advances have failed to pace.

Submission + - Botched security update cripples thousands of computers across the world (

girlmad writes: Thousands of PCs have been crippled by a faulty update from security vendor Malwarebytes that marked legitimate system files as malware code. The update definition meant Malwarebytes' software treated essential Windows.dll and .exe files as malware, stopping them running and thus knocking IT systems and PCs offline, leaving lots of unhappy users and one firm with 80% of its servers offline.

Comment Re:Whats the difference? (Score 1) 106

gee, I don't know, maybe because its really hard to figure out how to open a network Share, and click on an installer for say Visio or Office, or how to shut down or how . Its being made an OS for the people who don't know and don't care about how the machine works, which is fine in that regard, BUT I don't want it, I do know and I do care.

Comment Re:Whats the difference? (Score 1) 106

Thanks, you put it better than I could. From jump street its hard to use, both. From a useability perspective why should I have UI that supposed to me my life easier harder to use to find simple stuff like How do I install a program like Symantic Endpoint Protection? ok I find out how and run the installer and it blows up. nope. not installed. Can't find the shutdown method either. (only took 2 minutes to find both on Google on my other machine to find which was easy to do, not a chore) No command line at all? Seriously I might be an old fogie but I started with VIC20s and then CPM and then Apple DOS then Unix of various flavors and all the Windows iterations. Starting with the beta of the original Windows then WFW, NY then the rest. Compared to ME, Windows 8 is the same train wreck and RT is the same. Yes, I have an iPad and yes I am stuck to the app store unless I JB it, however I rarely find the need to do so. There are apps, they are easy to load, they work well.vNot being an Apple fanboy but the fact is it just works. I expect a command line on my daily PC. Sometimes I need it, and find / -name 'thisfile' is really helpful or God forbid I need to use sed or awk or perl. And I can do those on my tablet, not MS doesnt want me to be able to do it on with their OSs? seriously? Its an OS for the other people who just run Word or Excel and email. Period.

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