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Comment Horrible Article to link to (Score 1) 180

The blog post is really terribly written. It is full of negative emotions which distract from the point the author wants to convey.

The very first screenshot contains a window of "Unetbootin" in Russian and a version of Remix OS USB Tool in English. That makes is very difficult to compare the applications, which is a means to support the authors thesis. Unfortunately, such an article can only have the opposite effect of advertising for Remix OS.

I hope somebody will have a calm look at this and make a write up which is credible. If Remix OS is in violation of the GPL license, I hope that there will be consequences to their actions. At the very least I would expect them to release the source code

Comment No "morally acceptable" sites? (Score 5, Insightful) 706

While I believe that there might be some people who had no "morally" dubious intents, I fail to see why anyone with a traditional moral compass would sign up for this website.

Even if you are not married and simply looking for a one nighter, you are still signing up to site where married people are looking for an affair. It is right on their main landing page: "Life is too short, Have an affair". While it sucks for them, I feel it difficult to feel pity for them when signing up to a website which main intend is to make is to make it easy for people to cheat.

The other people could have simply signed up for a different website where the main intent is not cheating. It seems there would be plenty, and none of them are getting hacked

Submission + - Slashdot blocked in Switzerland (Possibly other parts of Europe) 1

Wattos writes: On my daily commute to work, it is my habit to check several websites for the latest news. Imagine how surprised I was that when slashdot.org was not accessible anymore. Instead I received a 403 Restricted error page. Initially I thought that this would have been a simple mistake by my mobile ISP, so I connected to my home VPN. Slashdot was blocked including many links to websites with vpn services. After connecting to a VPN provider outside of the country (in Poland) slashdot was accessible again.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 191

You show a good example. Would you still think that this model is better if:

1) The post man can read your mail without you noticing (e.g. the envelope is never damaged)
2) You have to provide your postman with a key to open your locker? The key might additionally fit into your other lockers (e.g. A lot of people reuse their passwords)
3) The postman can easily store copies of all the letters you receive without you knowing
4) The postman travels from your local post office, to a completely different country, where the correspondence may be inspected by the other government at will without you even knowing and then gives you the letter.

Once you consider these points, you might not like that approach unless you completely trust your postman.

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