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Comment Re:Why not spin off their own company? (Score 3, Insightful) 531

It's not rocket science, all it takes is for this guy to write a letter to Carnival and tell them that he and the 200 others will do the work for less than what Capgemini is charging since Capgemini like any other contracting firm needs overhead to maintain profitability and they would do it at cost. Capgemini will not be able to outbid them. Once back at their old job, it's the ultimate Fuck You chance to create massive budget cost overruns that were never forecast or predicted. This shit happens in government bids all the time and wouldn't surprise me if Capgemini wouldn't have created the same situation for Carnival. Suing them will be useless and will only blacklist him from future employers as he will be looked at as a huge liability even if he's a rock-star engineer.

Comment Counteroffer for what??? (Score 1) 531

"After receiving his offer letter from Capgemini, he sent a counteroffer. It asked for $500,000...and apology letters to all the affected families," This part is puzzling to me. Why did he ask for $500k? What was the message he was trying to convey with that? In my opinion, no one is obligated to give him jack shit. In Florida the employer has every right to fire anyone for any reason at-will.

Comment Re:Oracle != Mongo (Score 1) 153

BINGO! This is what the original poster doesn't get by making such a ridiculous claim. Now, I'm all for Mongo and use it myself but NoSQL has it's place but anyone that knows anything about enterprise scale apps, security and transactions knows that SQL and NoSQL are worlds apart.

Soon well be seeing headlines with "This is the Year of NoSQL" which remind me of the flavor of the month "This the year of the Linux desktop" or "This is the Year of Ruby on Rails with Gems" failed attempts to detrone the kings like Sun's Java or Microsoft Windows as they've been running those failed mottos since 1999 and to this day Java is the king and Microsoft owns the desktop market despite it's many horrendous OS offerings over many decades. hahahahaha

Comment Re:Really ? (Score 1) 166

Trolling with AC, ehhh? Well, it's true that there are probably 10 times more people killed by oil per kWh, because 87% of the worlds energy is from gas, coal and oil. Naturally, you're going to have a higher death rate, moron. Just like you'll have more dead people in a city with a population of 20 million vs a population of 1,000 in a small town!

A whore for the Sudies? I think you're the real whore hiding under anonymous coward which rightly labels your comment. I support solar and alternative energy. I once used to even support nuclear until I learned the truth over many years as I studied it deeper and concluded that nuclear safety is all a lie with the significant countless accidents they keep having and roughly massive accident every 20 years that far exceeds any oil accident.

Let the Chinese build all the reactors they want, I'm not jealous, seriously, I'm not! Just like the air pollution they now have from all the factories they built, the'll soon have tons of Cesium-131 & Cesium-137 floating around killing them off like flies the next time they blow up one of their cheaply made reactors. I encourage you to move there since you're so fond of nuclear power. Shit, why not even get a job as a nuclear worker at one of their newly built plants, I'm sure their past quality issues with the buildings they build as well as product quality they're known for won't matter much since you will ensure they do it right!

Comment Re:This is what happens... (Score 1) 166

I'm not sure I get your point since you entirely changed the subject. Maybe you replied to me by mistake? But to answer your question if you are referring to me is a dirty bomb could be mailed or on a container cargo ship as those areas have few and very lax security checks due to massive amounts of shipments. Making the assumption that a dirty bomb would be strictly in some idiots cavity as they board an airplane only shows your poor understanding of security in many areas. Maybe you're only 13 years old or have a brain of a 13 year old but I'll forgive you if you're a young teen but if you're an adult I'm sure once you sell your soul to Satan since your handle has 666, he'll prob give you some wisdom on how to shove that watermelon sized dirty bomb up your A$$ so you can show your ISIS buddies back in Ichi Karachi what a real man you are.

Comment Re:This is what happens... (Score 1) 166

Very well said! Wish I had mod point to give you.

The future of nuclear power plants is practically dead in the USA. A lot of these nukkers keep wasting time trying to push their agenda to build new reactors regardless of their claimed efficiency or supposed safety. We as a human civilization F%#@ed up too many times with nuclear power due to sheer stupidity and greed. There have been numerous accidents all over the world some very severe and some less severe and countless many more where they just kept their mouth shut hoping residents and the government won't notice. We've all been lied to for too long by the NRC and the power companies that own these to avoid lawsuits. The citizens in the US wised up and put their foot down and I'm glad they did. All remaining nuke plants should be decommissioned once their permits expire.

As far as disposal, I've always advocated dumping the spent fuel along the US/Mexico border. It would solve the crossing of illegals and cost nothing compared to Yucca Mountain to dump all of it a few feet underground right along the border in areas that aren't populated and where no real fence or patrol exists.

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