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Comment 'Straya Mate (Score 1) 558

I really wish they would hurry up with fixing Australian Net in general, it's a joke. In Brisbane, and I get 228ms to the server using University Internet, which is as good as it gets here. People in Sydney would probably be sitting on about 190ms. At least we'll be faster locally with fibre soon... Oh wait, politicians want to stop that too.

Comment About Polaris (Score 4, Informative) 203

I know it's not your question, but just a warning on it. If you plan to send the documents to anyone, and they don't have office 2010 there are going to be issues. They'll be able to read the file in a shocking font if they open it something like openoffice or libreoffice, but there will be random characters at the start and end and the text won't be manipulable.

Comment Update and two cents (Score 3, Informative) 129

Quick update on this: They can't actually start selling yet, and apple are trying to overturn the overturned decision. And why would you get a Galaxy tab, especially now that the Transformer is out and about

Comment But it doesn't work anyway... (Score 2) 306

Given that Turnitin doesn't work as advertised anyway, I'm not really sure what the issue is. While it can certainly check all the internet sources, it fails to compare it to other submitted works. I know I've lifted sections from my own, previously submitted to turnitin assignments only to have it spit out 0% plagiarism when in reality I've only done half the work the second time around. Hell, I know people who've lifted entire sections straight from Wikipedia, changed two words, and it detected nothing. The thing is broken, and I don't see why people still feel the need to bother with it.

Comment Good Luck (Score 1) 705

I remember back in my primary school days, they had a few "touch typing games" on cd's in the library. The only problem was, that the games were so simplistic and easy that you could look at the keyboard and still win. My breakthrough in touch typing didn't come through until I started online gaming, and before I could be bothered to get a mic. I got sick of getting killed while trying to type, so developed my touchtyping skills that way, and I am sure that many others. As for teaching it in schools, I'm all for gaming to be a subject. Little late for me, but I'm sure everyone else would enjoy it.

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