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Comment Re:Four-Thirds is the Way (Score 1) 402

Image quality is proportional to sensor size. There is no "best" compromise any more than there is a car out there that is "best" some people find a compact (car or camera) more convenient, resulting in more good photos purely by availability.

The maxim: the best camera is the one you have on hand when you need to take the shot. Sometimes that is your phone, sometimes you've got something that doesn't fit in you pocket.

Comment Don't drive a hybrid either? (Score 1) 402

This is a nonsense question. The car analogy is like saying you don't have the technical knowledge to drive a hybrid. There is no special knowledge required to use a DSLR... other than perhaps being careful when changing the lense (which mirrorless share).

Even the last (non digital) SLR generations had full auto modes and a full suite of scene modes, just like a compact.

Comment Re:Part of the problem (Score 1) 204

Try a little harder. You may feel better about yourself. Cheap ground beef leaving a bad taste in your mind? Make yourself a lentil burger instead! Latest AAA leave you hollow? Play a cheap Indie game!

A lot of how you enjoy something comes from higher-level thoughts. And besides, lentils and Terraria are delicious!

Comment Re:Here is the future: (Score 1) 119

A somehow-independent human colony buried 1 km underground on Earth would be in a safer, cheaper, more easily reached location than anywhere known in space, and would survive any war/famine/pestilence.

Terraforming the Earth from its state in 2100 will be easier than any other known location.

Space is no solution to our problems.

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