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Submission + - LED Lighting Slowly Becoming Practical ( 1

WareW01f writes: From the Article: Everybody seems to be jumping on the LED bandwagon. The city of Ann Arbor has just announced that they will be replacing all of the street lights in the city with LED technology from Cree, Inc. The city claims that that can recoup costs on the project in a mere 4 years. (Not bad considering the $630,000 budget) Is LED finally becoming a real option? What is really driving the shift in this direction?
Wireless Networking

Submission + - A rethink of how public wifi is implemented. (

WareW01f writes: From the article:
"With a number of municipal WiFi projects failing across the US, its time to start looking at what they are doing wrong. One of the critical things is a lack of open access to internet service providers. Cities, in many cases, have chosen to compete with other, existing local services... a game that the public sector can never win."

Technology aside (i.e. WiFi vs WiMax), are all the recent failures do to the fact that municipal wifi is just a bad idea, or is it really more an issue of looking at the problem from a different angle.?

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