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Comment No console comments for sure (Score 1) 578

As it seems everybody trying to get a PS3 right now is doing it to ebay it. So I'm guessing we won't be hearing any comments on the console itself before a few days for the bids to settle and the shipping delays. At first I felt sad that people were willing to stay in line for a console. But seeing the reports on how everybody is doing it to sell them, now I'm just sad to know there are so many people ready to buy it at inflate prices.

It's not like the PS3 will save the world or something, you're just going to be playing the same games as before with a little more graphics.

The 360 - Online, Japan, HD-DVD 66

Lots of tidbits about Microsoft's next-gen console floating around this week. On Monday, the company revealed that almost 60% of 360 owners are now using Xbox Live. GameDaily discusses what is making their setup so dang popular. Major Nelson's Sunday podcast included a lot of details on the 360's approach to HD-DVD. HD Beat has the rundown on what was said, including the inevitable Sony smack-talk. Finally, Gamasutra has a feature on the 360's position in Japan. A group of analysts debate whether or not the system even needs Japan in order to be a success. From this last article: "I don't think that American gamers are enamored [with] Japanese product because it comes from Japan; rather, I think Americans like good games, regardless of the country of origin. Microsoft doesn't need Japanese development to succeed in the U.S.; it needs good games, period."

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