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Comment Interesting (Score 1) 57

Strange. Facebook has been making a move to bring most of these apps back into the main app. They've tried standalone apps and outside the Messager app they've failed. They previously released a standalone camera app and it saw very little adoption so it was pulled from the app store. It'd be strange to see them try this route again after having failed previously.

Comment It's Not Just Apple (Score 1) 301

Click-bait headline for sure. Tablet sales as a whole are really hurting. It's not just Apple, it's everyone. No one is doing well in the tablet category right now. Seems they aren't getting most to replace their devices every year as they have been able to do with phones and most companies aren't on the same type of renewal cycles at this point as you see with computers.

Submission + - Inventor Of Modern Email and @ Symbol, Ray Tomlinson, Has Passed Away (

WankerWeasel writes: Widely credited as the inventor of email, Ray Tomlinson, passed away on Saturday. Email existed in limited capacity before Tomlinson. He created the first system that allowed person-to-person rather than entire groups. He also chose the "@" symbol to connect the username with the destination address.

Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 137

While I get that cost of living needs to be included in salaries and is (the same position in SF pays more than in Iowa), it can't be fun for someone doing the same job as another person to know what their coworker gets $20,000 more a year because they live in an area with nicer houses and higher rent. They do have some employees with kids and families, but it does seem the majority don't and travel pretty freely.

Comment Re:Big deal (Score 1) 137

Buffer is a totally remote company so workers work from all over the globe, so commute times aren't part of it. But it does take into account where you live. If you choose to live in San Fran, you'll make more than if you choose to live in Iowa. From that standpoint, it kind of sucks that your coworker in LA gets paid more than you in Iowa, simply because he chooses to live in a place with higher average rent (even if he doesn't pay it), even if you both produce the same work. They also encourage their employees to be digital nomads. Many of them spend much of their time traveling the world and aren't home a whole lot. So your best bet would be to claim residency in the most expensive city you can, in order to increase your pay, even if you're off traveling the world most of the time.

Comment Re:The plot thickens... (Score 1) 435

Having worked in computer forensics for 10 years and worked with countless government agencies, I can tell you the second that this ability exists, they will be flooded with requests to unlock countless other devices. Even civil cases will begin demanding access via court order. To believe this is a one time thing is foolish and simply untrue.

Comment Re:First the Windows 10 Keyloggers, now this? (Score 1) 118

By default, SwiftKey sends everything you type to their cloud service to analyze.

The SwiftKey personalization service, which is a feature of SwiftKey Cloud, accesses your recent content from online services that you specify, such as Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. It uses this content to build a personalized language model on our servers, which is then transferred to your device. This is an optimized view of the words and phrases that you use most often, and reflects your unique writing style. Your use of our personalization service means we may store and use data provided by you to develop and improve our Products. You have the right to have this data destroyed, as outlined below.

Comment It's Easy (Score 1) 217

I've worked in computer forensics for almost 10 years and worked with countless government agencies around the world. Years ago I watched one of the 3-letter agencies crack BitLocker in under 30 seconds. It's funny how many insist there is no way and dismiss the idea without a second thought. Now new evidence is showing that they certainly have the technology to do so. Maybe it's time to not be so quick to dismiss such thoughts.

Comment Stretched Size Apps (Score 1) 177

The biggest issue I see is that few are going to be making apps for this size screen. Instead it'll simply stretch phone apps to the larger screen which will result in highly pixelated apps and less than optimal interfaces. This has long been an issue on Android where less developers are creating apps for tablets. Apple is able to encourage developers to make apps for their specific screen sizes but they also have a smaller range of sizes and a more devoted pool of developers. With just a single tablet available in this size, few will likely make their apps for 18" screen which will result in few apps that really display and operate optimally on the large screen.

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