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Comment Re:On the other end... (Score 1) 207

Perhaps it's because they never learned from their biggest mistake, and appear doomed to continue repeating it?

1. Create market leading products (Apple computer)
2. Make large profits from customers
3. Keep everything to themselves in a tightly closed environment
4. Get steamrolled by more open competition (IBM et al / Microsoft)
5. Start downward spiral towards bankruptcy

So what do they do this time around:

1. Create market leading products (iPhone/iPad)
2. Make large profits from customers
3. Keep everything to themselves in a tightly closed environment
4. Get steamrolled by more open competition (Samsung et al / Google)
5. ???

Perhaps if they went easier on 2 and skipped 3 they wouldn't hit 4 and 5?

Comment Anti-software-patent tactics (Score 1) 573

Have you ever considered taking a leaf out of Ghandi's book when fighting software patents, and organise something disruptive to the US Patent Office or courts? An Anti-Software-Patent day for example, where software developers send large numbers of humorous software patent applications to overload the Patent office staff for the day?

Submission + - New Location Privacy Issue? You Decide!

yoganini007 writes: It seems every other day we have fresh controversy with privacy issues for location-based apps. Now's your chance to join the circus, or do something about it, with the Location Wild competition ending this Sunday at midnight PST. Entry is free and open to anyone, anywhere in the world (Entrants already span the globe from Cambodia to Iceland, Hungary to Australia). The winner gets $2,500, the choice of iPad or Android powered Dell Streak (on arrival), plus the attention of the Judges, such as Slashdot's CmdrTaco. This competition accepts all platforms, APIs, and services. The only question is: Will you join the dark-side and court Slashdot controversy, or use the force only for good?

Submission + - Location Wild Competition Announced

WampagingWabbits writes: Starting this Saturday (and featuring Slashdot's own CmdrTaco as a judge) the Location Wild competition kicks off a week long online hacking competition to develop the most innovative location application. Competing for $2,500 and an iPad, the only stipulation is that developers use an API from NakdReality or SimpleGeo and are under no other contractual obligations.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 54

Are you trying to tell me that a patent titled "Determining and/or using location information in an ad system" is unrelated to it's title? No wonder software patents have a bad name...

Geolocation price information appears to be only a small component of the claims, and is IMO an obvious extension on the idea of location based keyword advertising, particularly as price auctions were already used at the time for regular keyword ads.

So obvious, in fact that IIRC, it's in the source code of the advertising engine mentioned in the papers.

Comment 2001 article on location based advertising (Score 1) 54

Here are papers published in 2001 and 2003 describing location advertising in the open source mobilemaps search engine:

This still has a ghost site up on the net. One of the original authors is contactable at abrahaph at yahoo's website.

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