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Submission + - HP Crapware replacement?

Wamellx writes: "I bought an HP laptop a few months ago, and I've been going through to see which software I need and don't need. A few things I have seen are the included HP software for DVD playing and the software for the integrated webcam. To be fair, those programs are probably the biggest pieces of crap I have ever had the pleasure of using. They take up way too many resources on my already strained system. The problem is I don't know of any replacements for these programs. Does anyone have any suggestions for better, free, and more lightweight programs that will run my integrated webcam, microphone, and play my DVDs. Also I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to edit the buttons on the "QuickTouch" bar and the included Media Center remote, so that instead of the HP crapware coming up, have say Zune (yes I am one of the 5 or so people who have purchased and enjoy using a Zune) or Hulu Desktop. For those wondering my laptop is a HP Pavilion dv2815nr running Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit (yes I realize that I have a 64 bit system, my local college only had 32 bit. $25 vs $300 easy choice) Tech specs here: Thank you all for your help."

Submission + - Creating Artificial Consciousness (

jzoom555 writes: "In an interview with Discover Mag, Gerald Edelman, Nobel laureate and founder/director of The Neurosciences Institute, discusses the quality of consciousness and progress in building brain-based-devices (BBD's). His lab recently published details on a brain-model that is self-sustaining and 'has beta waves and gamma waves just like the regular cortex'."

Submission + - Thai Gaming Sites Ordered Shut Down After Suicide (

eldavojohn writes: Seventy two websites have been ordered shut down by the courts in Thailand following the suicide of a 12 year old boy who jumped from the sixth story of his school after his father banned him from playing computer games. This brings more action from the court: 'Some websites are rumoured to take in over 100 million baht from online betting a night at peak periods, causing huge economic losses to the country. To prevent online gambling, the DSI, also a member of the internet safety committee, would notify all Internet service providers (ISP) across the country about the court order. From now on any provider found to encourage or provide online gambling will not only face a jail term and a fine, but also have his/her ISP licence revoked by the ICT.' Thailand is no stranger to internet censorship of sites.

Comment Re:random consumer thinks sony wasn't worth it (Score 1) 2

I whole heartedly agree with you, gadabyte. I do realize that the internet has helped to make people entitled to "what they want when they want it". Though, isn't it kind of douchebaggish to say that were the best, so you should buy our things. Companies like them are the perfect example of the reason people pirate. People don't want to be trapped by their Sony and Sony only compatible formats. UMDs are crap (I had two break on me today), memory sticks are... let's say okay, but why not use SD cards which pretty much everyone but Sony uses. Instead of companies like Sony putting down piracy, embrace the major market of it. Make videos and music available through torrents. Distribute trailers on The Pirate Bay. The internet is your, more music and video are bought online then in stores. By the way, Sony wouldn't half of what it now, Mr. Lynton without the net

Submission + - Sony Pictures CEO Thinks The 'Net Wasn't Worth It ( 2

rossturk writes: "Michael Lynton, CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, said "I'm a guy who doesn't see anything good having come from the Internet, period." Why? Because people "feel entitled" to have what they want when they want it, and if they can't get it for free, "they'll steal it." It's become customary to expect a somewhat limited perspective on things from old-world entertainment companies, but his inability to acknowledge that the Internet has changed everything makes me think he's a very confused man. Is this when we all give up hope that companies like Sony Pictures can adapt? Will we look back on this as one of the defining moments when the industrialized entertainment industry lost touch for good?"

Comment Re:Adult Gaming? Hah! (Score 1) 343

The problem that I see is that literature has almost always been recognized as a sophisticated form of entertainment and a proper way to convey deep messages. When video games first started to become popular, they were marketed towards kids, and games such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros.(No matter how unbelievably awesome those titles may be) haven't helped to change the general populous' opinion on video games. It's kind of hard to portray the human status through 8-bit. Now that graphics and the overall detail of video games are improving, publishers can use games to portray the same messages as books can. Even though video games are becoming mediums close to being on-par with books for conveying messages, they are still portrayed by the public to still be "juvenile self-indulgence". It also doesn't help that even M rated games are marketed to 12-18 year olds. I think I've said enough.
Social Networks

The Sims 3 To Mesh With Social Networks 25

Electronic Arts has released a good bit of information about the online aspects of The Sims 3, which is due for release in early June. The game will have downloadable content available on launch day that includes a second, separate town called Riverview. They'll also be revamping the game's website to allow the sharing of content and integration with social media. In addition, EA mentioned that the game will make use of micro-transactions, which players can use to buy things like furniture, clothing, and other items.

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