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Comment Re:Strangely inspirational (Score 1) 373

Stallman doesn't like restrictions in softwar. All his actions aim at making the world a place where software restrictions is a thing of the past.

GPL that actually puts *restrictions* on entities who would restrict others wanting to benefit from the software. For example, Apple based OSX on FreeBSD but didn't give back the code because BSDL doesn't require so. Apple benefited from FreeBSD but the subsequent users (OSX users) didn't.

The society we are living has similar restrictions. It ensures your freedom to live by restricting me from killing you.

I should be perfectly okay to violate the GPL because "that evil person who puts restrictions on what I can do with their code deserves it"

If copyright didn't exist, then GPL would not need to exist. If we could all break copyright --if copyright didn't exist-- then you would be free to violate GPL since there would be no point of it existing anymore.

GPL works like a trojan horse: uses copyright to fight it.

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 745

People have been saying that since 1920... well... they said it would run out in 1920... and then they said it would run out in 1950... and then they said it would run out in 1980... and then they said it would run out in 2000... It's 2011... [...]

Just because they made wrong estimations back then, it doesn't mean that it's not going to end at some point. Here is hint for you: Saudi Arabia, that holds 25% of oil deposits is currently investigating for oil at the sea. Does that ring a bell?

Here's a little eye opener for you. How many solar power factories produce their own power with solar power?

Nobody said solar is ready to completely replace petroleum, but it can reduce it's consumption.

Like I said earlier, petroleum will end one day. If we don't R&D renewable energy, we'll be left with no energy at all.

Comment Re:For example, this is dangerous for women (Score 1) 286

I'm now doing amateur porn-- difficult to resist when it earns an unskilled laborer a grownup sized income for part time hours-- but my image is everywhere online.

I can think of a few reasons you might not want to associate your professional life with Slashdot, but in case you can't, can we please have one such image? :)

I can find all the porn in the world online, but you made me curious because of the nature of this forum.

You also remind me a quote from the TV series Californication:

"Down the road, job opportunities tend to dwindle for those in the more naked professions."

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 585

[...] The chrome versions are cosmetic only. They still download all the crap (ultra-annoying when on a slow connection,) and from what I understand even execute much of it, they simply [...]

I'm not trolling here, but I'm interested to hear where did you got this information. I want to research it myself in detail, as I'm trying to replace Firefox.

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