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Comment Re:Just wait (Score 1) 495

Oh look, someone complaining about how selfish and hedonistic the up and coming generation is. How original, it's not like every older generation has done that since the beginning of humanity. While you're at it why not take a stab at how some recent invention is ruining the new generation. Here's some previously used examples to get you going: smartphones, the internet, video games, television, radio, rock and roll, automobiles, jazz.

Comment Re:Shows the limits of freedom (Score 1) 1095

Whose freedom is more important? The transgendered man who wants to use a woman's restroom or the women who don't want to share their restroom with a transgendered man? Who should prevail? You can't make one happy without making the others unhappy.

People have always shared the bathroom with trans people and been happy about it, they just didn't realize it. What's really creepy about this is that apparently there are some people who are so obsessed with the genitalia of others to the point that they are uncomfortable if they think there's a slight chance that it might not be what they expect.

Comment Re:Yeah and people watch "reality TV" too! (Score 1) 116

Sorry. But they're not sports.

They're not.

All this is, is an attempt to fleece money out of a bunch of stooges who're too stupid to understand that watching a bunch of guys clicking away on a computer or console system is NOT a sport.

Sorry, but email is not the same as mail. It just isn't. People are too stupid to understand that pressing buttons on a keyboard is NOT the same as sending a letter through the post office.

Comment Re:No (Score 2) 824

If employees can justify asking the boss to leave because of his personal beliefs, then they should respect the opposite and support the boss when he similarly asks them to leave for theirs.

It doesn't matter what his personal beliefs are, what matters is that he financially supported a law that would have forced others to conform to his personal beliefs. If your religion dictates that you shouldn't eat pork, or not to marry certain types of people, or to clip off parts of your son's penis, and you want to live your life by those principles it doesn't affect me so knock yourself out. All I ask is for mutual tolerance (people often overlook the fact that tolerance must be mutual or else it doesn't really work). And if someone does try to force those beliefs on me, I will confront them about it. And then they can ironically criticize me for being intolerant.

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