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Submission + - Anti-Fracking activist in Texas disassembles Gas company propaganda (

Walkingshark writes: Adam Briggle, a key leader in the Texas anti-fracking movement, has been one of the pivotal figures in the historic total fracking ban proposed in the city of Denton. With the help of the rest of the leadership of Frack-Free Denton, a medium sized city in Texas stands to be one of the key battlegrounds in efforts to rebalance the property rights of mineral owners and home owners. Now that the petition is going to the voters in the fall, the Gas industry is opening up their pockets to flood the city with propaganda designed to misinform voters so that the referendum to ban fracking will fail. Briggle, on his Denton Drilling blog, has published an incredibly well reasoned and articulate takedown of their usual propaganda, a piece of writing that could end up serving as the template for how to completely demolish the poorly worded half truths often deployed by industry. Read it here and have a chuckle, Depantsing the Perryman Report about Denton’s Fracking Ban.

Comment Re:Cue the hatred of hip hop artists (Score 1) 92

If it takes someone years to explain why I should like something, it isn't worth liking. There are more productive uses of that time that are equally enlightening and enriching and don't require me to duck my head into the cesspool of pompous ramblings that is modern music education.

Comment Re:It's already out there... (Score 1) 622

You are just trying to pick a fight so don't be surprised when you get one.

That's what the video did too and they got a fight: the embassies being attacked. To then say that it is wrong and violence isn't the answer is being naive. In the real world, people respond to vocal provocation with physical force.


So it's justified if I'm at a bar and someone talks shit to me, for me to fly to whatever shithole you live in and beat your skull in with a hammer? Sound logic.

Comment Re:and where is exactly the problem? (Score 1) 915

Unalienable rights are unalienable by religions.

The concept of unalienable rights is a product of the 18th century and inextricably linked to religious belief: rights are inalienable because they are endowed by a Creator. Since modern societies find it increasingly unlikely that there is a Creator, that religious basis is no longer tenable and most of the West (with rising nations like China) now follows some variant of utilitarianism where rights are a convenient and mutable legal fiction to ensure general quality of life.

You've completely missed the substance of Enlightenment thinking and what the concept of "Creator" meant to most of the people who put this country together. More study needed.

Comment Re:Problem here is "racism" (Score 3, Insightful) 915

"It's the same God".

Bah. Different holy books preaching different ideologies and virtues in the name of God. The Gods mentioned can hardly be called the same.

So basically, this is like All Star Superman, Red Son Superman, Old School Superman, and new 52 Superman? All the same character, just different canons? :)

Comment Re:Global warming has been offset recently (Score 1) 1367

So you're saying a bunch of people who don't know anything about the field all agree with each other, but because there are lots of them I should believe them. Then you offer me advice on how to be persuasive. I've come to accept that some people are just parrots who are incapable of thinking. I guess you're one of them.

Comment Re:England & the UK don't know how good they h (Score 1) 286

Your argument breaks down, though, in that if it really were just a bunch of bad apples, their fellow cops would arrest them for breaking the law. Instead, they support their brothers in blue no matter how clearly obvious it is that a crime has been committed by someone with a badge. In so doing, they become accessories to those crimes and invalidate their own badges.

I'd really like to see, just once, a cop arrest another cop at one of these protests for excessive use of force. But not a one of them has the backbone to even try.

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