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Comment Re:exactly. (Score 1) 220

The real difference is that at the end of the year, with MS, you still have closed software being managed by a mediocre admin and are pretty much limited to what the vendor wrote in the software and what your admin can find on google.

With the second option, you've still spent $60k, but you started with a much higher level of base competence and things usually go up from there. At the end of the year you have many more options and much more flexibility in what you're capable of, IT wise and business wise, with that higher level of competence.

I'd much rather, and when it's been my decision to make have always, put my money in people rather than software licenses. If I need to solve a problem "right now!", then I'm likely to buy a solution that solves that problem "right now!" but even then with an eye towards what problems will that solution allow me to solve later.

Comment Re:Downloading? (Score 1) 370

The ruling states that you, basically, have to take deliberate actions to save the image to your hard drive. Merely viewing a page in your browser without further actions on your part to "procure" the image (ie.. save it to a folder on your system, rather than just the browser cache) is what the court is speaking to.

Metaphor time: Having someone park a stolen car in front of your house is like viewing a page (#chan?) with CP on it without specifically looking for it. Going out and pulling that car into your garage and closing the garage door would be like saving the image to your hard drive for later perusal and enjoyment.

Comment Re:It's not the software, it's the hardware (Score 1) 399

We had a discussion at work about a tech refresh coming down the pipe. Rumor mill was pointing toward all the admins/engs/archs/devs getting shiny new dell ultrabooks.. 13 inch, super light, super thin, "sexy".

The unanimous and loud "Noooooooo!!!!" would have made Lucas proud.

I specced a Dell "portable workstation" with 1920x1080, 15inch matte screen, quad core, 8gb ram, ssd, professional discreet graphics card for about the same price as the 1366x768 13inch, 4gb (max), dual core wafer thin model. Yeah, it's 7lbs vs. 2lb, but it has a usably fast cpu, decent screen real estate, etc.

It's not "stylish" unless you define style as "doing your job on time with a kick ass powerful machine that doesnt' get in your way" as being stylish.

Comment Re:The metrosexual web designer cliche' (Score 1) 399

They're aiming at the right market, ie.. Macbook pro using IT and design professionals, developers, etc.. However, their marketing is a bit skewed in that they still equate mac purchasers as those interested in 'style' over function.

I won't go into all the reasons I use a macbook pro for my day-to-day work computer, and have for the last 5+ years. Suffice it to say, though, that it has nothing whatsoever to do with 'stylish' and everything to do with power and flexibility and appropriateness to the environments I work in.

Comment Re:the point, exactly? (Score 1) 191

To advance the materials and manufacturing science needed to build a craft that can withstand those forces. Then take that knowledge and apply it to similar problems in other domains. Temperatures, vibration, torsion, flight control, sensor integration and attitude correction (catastrophic failure of a passenger plane?), computerized models of all of the above, etc.. etc.. etc..

At no time does any high tech study like this, especially at the very edge of known science ever apply to only a single problem domain.

Look at the history of transistor and how it developed. Pay especial attention to the studies that led to the processes that allowed that first transistor. Not many of them were in the computational power field.

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