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Comment Re:I'm seeing a resurgence in C (Score -1, Troll) 286

"New languages"?

Pssht! As if!

Man, there's so many varieties of Object-Oriented C you could jizz your pants without even touching yourself.

C is the Primal Language. Before C we have clicks and whistles.

This isn't even a fucking conversation. I'm not hearing what anybody says except my own opinion, because I know my opinion is right, so this isn't a conversation.

What did that dude say in "Fight Club"? "This. Conversation. Is. Over."? Right? Well man thissuh conuhversationuh isuh nottah happenun.

This is some bullshit. Fuck, there are HLA interpreters that are more popular than JAVA -- WITH PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO CODE.

Man this is so much bullshit. I can't believe there's no viewpoint, no slant, no perspective, no synonym of whatsoever with this article.

That's the new owners of Slashdot. This site is dead. If you can diss C because some homie of yours called you up and needed some help raising interest in some particular market, towards a hopeful stock point, maybe on some IPO to come, maybe on something pre-existing, then fuck it, it ain't news any more, man, and it ain't for anybody but the "business school" {nested: "nerds"}.

Comment Re:Fuck You New Slashdot Owners, Fuck You (Score -1, Troll) 286

p.p.s. no offense to LGBTQ. I'm an "ally" but I'm hard-won, and the shit that's been sweating out the pores of silicon valley and California in general, lately, has me kicking P right out the queue. How the fuck are you gonna put P in after LGBTQA? What the fuck, drafting ans PASSING bills to legalize child prostitution? Are you fucking IN-SANE? Trying to secede from the Union like what are you going to subsist on, oranges and mother fucking dust? Fucking selling everybody's privacy out to the FBI, NSA, even the mother fucking mind your own mother trafficking business CIA? Are you fucking serious with this shit? And then to dumb people down, TOO, with this -- what are you fuckers, again, Indians, right? -- with this schlocky, half-witted double-fake that still gets pwned bullshit "News For Nerds" burn-down? You've gotta be kidding somebody, somewhere with this shit because even a fucking Japanese guy would be like, "ooh, slashdot, have-a no FACE".

This shit is pointless. I can tear you down and burn your ass down all day long and you would still just be an old-school sign on a co-opted, weakened, disheveled, fucking walking up to you crack whore who's like "hey I knew you in high school I need a score wanna bang" and her pussy is all dripping with sores and shit, and her teeth are all knocked or blacked out, and fuck you, dudes. Just fuck your stupid shit.

Dissing on fucking C with a fucking heavily biased ... what do we call this ... fourth party? You guys are fucked! Totally fucked!


Fuck, I don't know why I even visit this site any more.

Comment Re:We're all programming in Machine Code (Score -1, Troll) 286

C *IS* a fucking mnemonic for assembly.

Man, you're way more polite than I am.

I say, let these fucking weirdos who took over this site hang themselves with this assclown dumb shit. Fuck these dumb mother fuckers, what's the academic honesty record like in their country or origin, anyway?

Fuck this stupid bullshit. Dissing on C in a true nerd's room never DOESN'T get shouted down.

This place isn't even a fucking A/V closet let alone a true nerd hangout any more.

I'm like, fuck this dumb place, I'm about out.

Comment Re:Fuck You New Slashdot Owners, Fuck You (Score -1, Troll) 286

* "the the" / "shut the"

p.s. like, do your new-commercial-wave article bullshit and press various corporate interests in what your twiggy-ass editors are obviously investing in, but quit fucking publishing shit meant to dumb people down or I'm going to write the last twenty years off and fuck it, let all these up-and-comer silicon valley faggots try re-hashing your failed and shelved "karma" formula for their mobile and social network platforms without even mentioning your name no matter how bad it'd scald them.

Comment Fuck You New Slashdot Owners, Fuck You (Score -1, Troll) 286

You're so busy fucking yourselves, maybe all you need is a good hearty fuck you to shut your stupid ass the fuck up.

Why don't you go ask mother fucking ANSI what they think about C's popularity?

Why don't you go around and check to see what code is compiling and executing?

Why don't you fucking just learn a tiny little bit about the history of programming languages and their derivatives and just shut, your stupid caking piehole about shit that you shouldn't even be propagandizing about, stop dumbing people the fuck down, and just to reiterate, the the fucking holy hell up?

Comment Re:Not for everyone (Score 1) 433

In one case I let this supervisor misdirect me into making numerous mistakes on a potentially very dangerous job, until one time I simply said in a very stern voice, "[so-and-so], how about you let me get it done the right way." And he shut his stupid ass up after that and actually became a bit more productive. I learned later most other coworkers had done a similar thing but more along the lines of, "you know, [so-and-so], I think I'd be more comfortable doing it this way" so he always had a chip on his shoulder and never thought he had anything to improve. Just a few words can make a world of difference to someone.


China Smog: Millions Start New Year Shrouded By Health Alerts and Travel Chaos ( 77

Millions in China rang in the New Year shrouded in a thick blanket of toxic smog, causing road closures and flight cancellations as 24 cities issued alerts that will last through much of the week. From a report on The Guardian: On the first day of 2017 in Beijing, concentrations of tiny particles that penetrate deep into the lungs climbed as high as 24 times levels recommended by the World Health Organization. More than 100 flights were cancelled and all intercity buses were halted at the capital's airport. In the neighbouring port city of Tianjin, more than 300 flights were cancelled while the weather forecast warned thick smog will persist until 5 January. All of the city's highways were also shut as low visibility made driving hazardous, effectively trapping residents.

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