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Governor Cuomo Bans Airbnb From Listing Short-Term Rentals In New York ( 157

An anonymous reader quotes a report from New York Post: Gov. Cuomo on Friday bowed to pressure from the hotel industry and signed into law one of the nation's toughest restrictions on Airbnb -- including hefty fines of up to $7,500 for people who rent out space in their apartments. Backers of the punitive measure -- which applies to rentals of less than 30 days when the owner or tenant is not present -- say many property owners use Airbnb and similar sites to offer residential apartments as short-term rentals to visitors, hurting the hotel business while taking residential units off the Big Apple's high-priced housing market. Enforcement, however, will be a huge challenge, as thousands of short-term apartment rentals are listed in the city despite a 2010 law that prohibits rentals of less than 30 days when the owner or tenant is not present. Violators could be turned in by neighbors or landlords opposed to the practice, or the state could monitor the site to look for potential violations. But beyond that how the law would be enforced was not immediately clear. The new law won't apply to rentals in single-family homes, row houses or apartment spare rooms if the resident is present. But will apply to co-ops and condos. Airbnb mounted a last-ditch effort to kill the measure, proposing alternative regulations that the company argued would address concerns about short-term rentals without big fines. Tenants who violate current state law and list their apartments for rentals of less than 30 days would face fines of $1,000 for the first offense, $5,000 for the second and $7,500 for a third. An investigation of Airbnb rentals from 2010 to 2014 by the state attorney general's office found that 72 percent of the units in New York City were illegal, with commercial operators constituting 6 percent of the hosts and supplying 36 percent of the rentals. As of August, Airbnb had 45,000 city listings and another 13,000 across the state.

Submission + - SPAM: Ignorant of Streisand Effect, YouTube restricts Trump's video

mi writes: In an attempt to limit its impact, YouTube's censors have placed "unlisted" Trump's anti-Clinton video and then made it inaccessible in the "restricted" mode.

Predictably, the efforts backfired and the video was seen by over 370K times within 24 hours — seemingly a record for the "Team Trump" channel.

At the time of this typing, all restrictions have been removed from the video.

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Submission + - Slashdot User Starts-up Effort Behind Religions based on Universal Simulation (

eyenot writes: It's not really all that heady or weird. Basically, recent news has shown us that there are now some somewhat-rigorous mathematical theories supporting the hypothesis that our entire universe is actually a simulation (moreover: that any sentient beings might have a high probability of considering their enclosing universes to be simulations.) Sorry, no links, look it up yourself.

One slashdot user has cavorted to begin an actual doctrinalized religion based on these theories and it's probably looser than you already imagined.

Comment more religious quackery from me to me (Score 1) 1042

Another interesting thing. There are arguments that we should not be researching this at all, because it might upset the scientific minds that simulated our reality to begin with. That assumes that those minds are studying this simulated universe with a granularity able to perceive our individual actions.

Well, assumptions in this case carry very close to equal weight so let's run with this one.

So, we can also assume that it could be harmful to research this? That means we can green-light a doctrinal tenet of our simulation-religion that says it's perfectly okay for a person to simply hear some information regarding the universe being a simulation, and begin spouting off about it as I have been doing, without reading any further. That makes every new member of this 'religion' a perfect expert on the subject so long as they have been given a passing acquaintance with the subject matter.

Which is great, because that tenet creates a demand for a minimal, bullet-list style, outline of what the subject matter entails. Any fellow acolytes want to give this a shot?

Comment Re:re-assessment (Score 1) 1042

It occurred to me just now that one way to attempt to overload the stack of reality is by creating a reality simulation inside of it that is just as complicated as the reality hosting it. You would want to use a dedicated machine for the purpose, something that provably can be demonstrated to be the literally fastest possible physical system for performing the task. You would probably create several virtual machines, one for each function required. You would probably make these quantum computers, trying to obtain as close as possible a light-speed result of simulation. If this universe is a simulation, then this should begin to create lag in the universe surrounding the dedicated quantum machine simulator. (In theory.)

But that seems almost like a trap. "Consider the lily", to allude. The Catholic church considers Vanity to be a deadly sin and this would certainly be up to a counsel to determine whether or not it is Vanity. Creating an entire universe with a probability of containing sentient life is potentially an abomination before the Lord. However, from a Taoist perspective it's almost an inevitability for anyone living in a simulated universe to also eventually simulate another universe inside of it, in analogy to water's endless obedience of gravity and other physical properties. It takes the shape of its vessel, but a vessel is only useful because it can be emptied. (et cetera). So by mysticism if not by math and science, creating a rigorously simulated universe (one that exists as fast as the laws of physics can allow it to, practically as fast as its parent universe) is considerably inevitably to some auditable portion of the world's population. (Yes I like the term 'audit' as appropriated by L. Ron Hubbard.)

As an aside, Taoism is very useful and fun for analogizing with all things engineering, especially digital, because of the dualism and how you can dichotomize and translate from yin/yang to 1/0 on/off (et cetera).

Comment re-assessment (Score 1) 1042

Well earlier I swore my head off because that's just what I'm apt to do given free reign of expression, and mostly because I was pissed at the utter stupidity of the suggestion that there is somehow a way to 'break out of' your own entire universe that created you.

However, I've spent some time thinking about it and hmm maybe it's not so stupid.

If you look back in the comments you'll find someone who surmised that the actual goal of the billionaire(s) funding this "research" is not to break out but to create a simulated environment in the first place for the purpose of enslaving people.

That's kind of inspiring to look at things from a different angle. And personally lately I've been considering this "simulated universe" thing as an alternative form of religion. I'm normally hovering somewhere around atheist/mythological myself, and so something like this nestles perfectly in between both of those. I find it entertaining to talk and think about.

But one of my first thoughts about this when was it... last year, when this theory first hit the news? Was that the most useful application of knowledge along this line of inquiry is towards hacking reality itself.

If it's a simulation, that means you can find a way to overload its stack and include things in the set of its Turing input to instruct it to fill its virtual memory with, meaning you can control the laws of physics if you want to. Not a bad incentive.

It occurred to me as I went on railing about this thing that the intent of the billionaire(s) may not be to "break out" but to do exactly that.

If anybody's interested in organising a religion around this thing keep me in touch, I'd love to submit some things influenced by an early childhood and adolescence spent studying world religions and philosophies. I'm also interested in the hacking side of it as well, and maybe those two categories are actually associated.

Comment Re:Why are these people such idiots? (Score 1) 1042

unless (as another has pointed out) they aren't observing us at granularity that makes us relevant as individuals and therefore they aren't prepared to take notice of our/your attempts.

for instance the simulation could be an exercise in observing the formation of galaxies, or maybe galaxy flocking or something. maybe there are observable patterns in the formation and lifetime of a universe that are only observable from cluster-scale granularity.

maybe it's just an advanced form of lava lamp. everybody would have one in their home. people would stop by and remark ooh that's a gaseous one, very pretty isn't it, and the indisputable fact that it's very likely that there are simulated beings and civilizations somewhere inside of the thing is just a curio, one of the reasons to even have bought the thing to begin with. maybe children with a lot of time to spend indoors just peer into it looking for said life forms and civilizations, never really finding one but it's like looking for four-leaf clovers, you do it any way.

but i am seeing the real potential in these pursuits. if you can break the simulation then maybe you can hack the simulation.

somebody else noted that this research is more likely to be used to enslave people, to create the simulation to begin with. i guess, but that's a rather 180-degree approach.

more aligned with the stated intent and probably more likely given these are the sort of people driven and greedy enough to have billions of dollars at their disposal, i think they are probably looking for ways to hack the simulation and get anything they desire.

Comment Re:Did we learn the wrong lesson from Hubbard? (Score 1) 1042

Hmm... well, people need to be introduced to LRH in the correct fashion. Introducing them via the legal shenanigans of particular, non-celeb individual members of Scientology isn't exactly it. Introducing them via the Scientology-related public quotes of celebrity members of Scientology isn't exactly it, either. Introducing them via peoples' made-up "secrets" about Scientology also isn't really viable, but Scientology has that last part covered.

In fact Scientology is a bad place to start. Individuals who are looking for inspiration in LRH and not necessarily that of a religious nature should maybe not pay attention to Scientology for the moment and just read "Dianetics".

It's pretty hard to become acquainted with Dianetics in an unbiased fashion and not come away feeling inspired by LRH.

Comment exceedingly fucking stupid rich people? "news"! (Score 1) 1042



if you break the simulation, with "break" as in the "break key" over your right hand, as in "break process", as in a machine halt, you break everything, period. you break me, you break you, you break your billion dollars you narcissistic fucking assclown.

jesus i hate these rich little hitlers.

Comment Re:Whiplash (Score 1) 410

I don't think anyone should take it personally. Just read another story if they don't want to read it. We've covered controversial stuff in the past and lord knows there's plenty of controversial stuff in the comments of almost every story. If people want to get outraged in the comments that's fine too. I'm listening.

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