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Comment Re:Horrific way of reporting it (Score 4, Informative) 186

Well it worked great that one time out of a few hundred.

Tesla rarely has customer dashcam videos for every time it "has" worked...we mostly only get to hear about the failures, which given the number of Teslas on the road that used autopilot in 2016, are considerably few.

...airbags and seatbelts have saved countless but we don't see an article praising how well it works.

You mean we don't see them anymore...there are literally thousands of articles and advertisements about airbags and seat belts going over the past 60 years.

Comment Re:Jail Them (Score 5, Interesting) 99

Srsly, why isn't this considered an acceptable option to this crap? It seems to happen every other month with each party simply refusing to give documents and testimony to investigating committees, then everyone bitches and moans and lets it go.

Why are there not more findings of Contempt of Congress, and why is Contempt of Congress seemingly punished with a slap on the wrist?

Comment I'm not going to RTFA (Score 1) 304

If the summary is even remotely close to what this and is suggesting, then it appears he really thinks that an overabundance of CGI is what makes people indifferent to films, and not the complete dearth of decent storytelling, character development, acting, and direction. I cannot RTFA...if I do I'll spend every 3 sentence griping to myself about what a useless idiot the author is, and how the article is pure tripe...

This would not be good for my mood or my evening. I'll pass.

Comment Re:Tesla Autopilot is comparable to Airline Autopi (Score 1) 392

Yes, which is why pilots have extensive training and planes costs millions of dollars. Neither is true of a tesla or tesla owners.

I'm pretty sure Tesla owners still have to take a drivers test. The "extensive training" a pilot goes under is not about weird magical situations that requires more than normal flight training. Just because my car has "autopilot" doesn't mean I need to undergo some new special drivers training that isn't covered by regular driving schools...the autopilot mode doesn't give the car a complex new control set or somehow change the rules of the road.

Also this has nothing to do with why planes are expensive, not to mention that Teslas aren't cheap.

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