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Comment Re: Causes cancer (Score 1) 428

10 sec Google search: It's pretty well established that excessive sugar, especially refined sugar, is all kinds of bad for you, regardless of age or weight. There's hippy holistic "science," and then there's actual science. The effects of sugar are pretty far into the latter.

Comment Re:MST3K (Score 1) 134

Ah that's right (I did read the book, just didn't recall the specifics in detail). I feel like even if all that is only 90% or so plausible, I still learned something about applied chemistry. As opposed to "you can survive for a few moments wearing street clothes in a vacuum if you hold your breath" as seen in other stories/movies. :|

Comment Re:MST3K (Score 5, Interesting) 134

Unlike a lot of other "science fiction" books/stories, Andy Weir seemed to make a genuine effort to get as much right as possible, and did his best to drag along the film producer. If all of science fiction was at this level, it would be a miracle. And as you've pointed out, where the science does fail, it fails in such a way as to spark discussion and interest in the real science. I don't feel like my intelligence was insulted after having watched/read it, or that errors and omissions were a result of laziness or "the audience is too dumb/doesn't care anyway, so why bother". (Although the book was better than the movie in that regard.) If anything it served as a launching (punnnns) point for learning more about growing food on Mars and other similar problems.

Comment Re:Going to Mars is a bad idea (Score 1) 684

And there is plenty of interesting research to be done there as well. Of course - no one will give a flying f*** about it - but this is about science and progress for humanity - not personal vanity, right?

If only you were wrong, what a different world we'd live in.....

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