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Comment Get off your asses. (Score 2) 275

It takes effort to limit your energy consumption. Especially when it comes to vehicles. Get off your asses and stand at a bus stop instead, bike to work, carpool if you have to.

Lead by example and lay down the groundwork for others to follow in your footsteps.

Fight to the bitter end with your dollar. Don't be complacent.

Seriously. The only reason this shit is perpetuating is because of the choices that you're making right now.

Comment Re:Bots (Score 2) 43

The average facebook bot has more IQ than the average facebook user.

insulting facebook users will never get you laid

that said, using advertisement chatbots, if conversation goes uninitiated, will be a surefire way to end my relationship with facebook

Comment Now... (Score 1, Insightful) 90

If only they used that system to fight the real evils! like to spot and take away your car keys when you're eating and driving at the same time. or maybe just to take away your food when you're somewhere on your way to heart disease. i hear if your skin's black there's a correlation to you having marijuana in your possession. fucking hedons

Comment Samsung vs Nexus (Score 1, Interesting) 142

I may be buying a smartphone soon. I'm considering getting the nexus 6p because you can root it without voiding the warranty, and because I'll be buying my phone independent of the network contract. Also, I'm most concerned about longevity/durability given the price of these smart phones.

Any reason I should go for samsung instead?

Or maybe cheapness trumps durability? so the nexus vs moto G?

I'm looking for your personal opinion if you had any reason for choosing one phone over the other

Comment Ahh the gray area (Score 1) 146

For me, things like this come down to the not-so-fine line between personal freedom and involuntary involvement in danger.

My view on this is the same for magnetic buckyballs, extreme sports, recreational drugs and virtually every other case of self-harm. We should focus on idiot-proofing idiots rather idiot-proofing their houses. Let capitalism allow for people to make their own wise decisions.

That said, there's a difference between accidentally eating two buckyballs and shoving them down the throat of someone else.

Comment Tempest protocol (Score 4, Informative) 58

This is why our government uses the "Tempest" certification on buildings, categorizing whether information can be stolen from electromagnetic emanations within neighboring wall, room, just outside the building, etc.

It's called Van Eck phreaking, and it's one of the many modern day forms of wizardry. Essentially different components of your computer communicate via high frequency electric currents. These currents broadcast corresponding EM waves somewhere in the radio spectrum, and you decode the corresponding frequency components into your own information, which if you know what monitor they're using, for instance, you can catch the signal from their wires and reproduce their monitor image on your screen.

Comment Okay? (Score 2) 97

The significance of this article is unclear. I suppose the OP is pointing out the fact that programming languages are becoming more specific and 'tangible' to real-world applications.

Today, many of the new markets and opportunities for developers live in the real world. Rapidly developing domains such as autonomous cars, smart homes, intelligent office spaces, and mass customization require programmers to be savvy about how changes in data structures can lead to changes in objects.

I think this quote is sort of the thesis of the article. Even still it's really ambiguous. What opportunities don't live in the 'real world'? Does he mean that information transfer isn't 'physical'? Or is he specifically talking about robotics? User-interfaces? This person needs to work on clarity, and this article should not have been posted on Slashdot.

Comment Re:Stop promoting your own articles StartsWithABan (Score 4, Informative) 105

That's why I skip the articles and just look for the information I'm interested in. Like, hmm, how will this ground-based atmosphere-ridden telescope compare to the Hubble Space Telescope?

From the FAQ on http://www.gmto.org/ ... which is linked,

The GMT will leverage cutting-edge optics technology to combine seven giant mirrors to achieve 10 times the angular resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope in the infrared region of the spectrum.

When coupled with the GMT adaptive optics (AO) system they will produce images sharper than those from the Hubble or Webb Space Telescopes.

And it goes on to explain that the atmospheric turbulence 200 meters up can be measured with lasers, and the one of the mirrors is physically deformed to compensate for the measured distortions. Pretty neat.

Comment Re:How is the credibility of "prediction" (Score 1) 223

Obviously this article fails to take into account the tiniest of electrical engineers. If you're an engineer, and your body's aspect ratio is, say, 10 orders of magnitude smaller than the average, you've got job security like a mofo.

The best part about it is that because the regular engineers are so cheap now, you can buy a bunch of tiny ones and be ok with losing them around the office.

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