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Comment Re:Spotify (Score 1) 151

Catalogue is only small because that is what the Music Companies will allow them to have. If you have been around their help forums for the last few years, you notice that a large portion of the problems people face is all related to what the Music Companies will/wont allow them to do. In the past Spotify was a hell of a lot better but then had to strip away some of its awesomeness because that was the price to pay to get into America.. To be honest, I am still debating if it was worth it from an "Existing Customers" point of view. I'm sure it will be worth it for Spotify though.

Comment Not Recommended. (Score 1) 842

Well I have on occasion called my Managing Directors of the company lazy to their faces, shout insults across the room to my senior developers almost on an hourly bases and repeatedly inform my manager I am going to sue her for sexual harassment.. I recommend if you do not have a cheeky personality and boyish charms to get away with it.. not taking this root..

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