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Comment Re:pure adulterated crap (Score 1) 73

Apple used to include XCode on the DVD (or CD set) that came with their computers. Today, it's on the app store instead, and is free. You would only have to pay to get your app included on the app store. To program for yourself, on the Mac, is free.

Microsoft makes a free version of Visual Studio, but it's rather limited. You can download it.

Of course, neither of these is actually *included* within the OS in terms of being there by default, pre-installed, on every new computer. If that's what you meant, well...Apple never included such a thing on the Mac, ever (though the Apple II had it), and Qbasic went away with Windows 95, I think.

Comment Re:"AVX frequencies" (Score 1) 105

Per Anandtech, the 2.3GHz 18-core model has an AVX base frequency of 1.9GHz. That's the only hard number I've come across. It seems to simply act as a warning that, under heavy usage of AVX, the chip may clock down below the advertised base frequency. It could still run higher, of course, if only a few cores are being used.

Comment Re:$11K? Another sites says $14K (Score 4, Insightful) 804

Apple then holds onto the original specs for years (the last Mac Pro being a perfect example), until they are forced to retool. I'll even go out on a limb and predict a five year interim before we see another significant revision.

The Mac Pro was updated every year from 2006-2010; it was only the 2010 version that was stuck in place, probably in part due to the development of this new machine.

Comment Re:I loved those games (Score 3, Interesting) 374

It's kind of sad how low-resolution and overcompressed the in-game renders are by current standards.

They actually aren't compressed at all; they are stored on the CD as uncompressed 16-bit images. Perhaps what you notice is the dithering? Myst was the same way, but 8-bit. Computers of the day weren't fast enough to decompress images during game play with decent speed.

I have the original CD version, which still works on XP with a few tweaks. Have loved it since day 1. :) There is a project that is attempting to re-create the game in a real-time 3D engine: Starry Expanse. They have a small tech demo available.

Comment Re:Strange situation (Score 1) 224

Not really. It depends on the state you live in; in my state, there was an exam you had to take in order to graduate, but it was given in 10th grade instead of at the end - didn't make much sense, except maybe to allow those who didn't pass the first time to re-take it without graduating late. So overall, I'm not aware of the US having anything similar to the GED that students take while actually in school. So there isn't anything to pull from, in that sense.

Of course, your original question was: why privatize it? They probably did it because the college/university entrance exams have been privatized for a long time, and those seem to be okay, so why not? Sounds kind of lazy, but I don't have any better ideas :)

Comment Re:I'm Optimistic (Score 1) 816

Not quite. They are taken from the same master tapes, but are not direct transfers of the LD video. The LD contained much more noise reduction (at the expense of detail). A few other sources were used for some things, too: the opening crawl and first shot of Episode IV (Tatooine and the ships flying in) are taken from a separate, higher-quality source; and the entire audio track of Episode V is taken from a different source (possibly a VHS master). It's not clear why the latter was changed, although, doing this did fix one audio glitch from the LD towards the end of the movie.

Of course, they are still 4:3 matted widescreen, with everything that entails. But they do look better than any other release of the unaltered trilogy, and in some cases, they actually look better than the SE (blue tint, anyone?).

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