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Comment Re:Avoid (Score 4, Informative) 456

I second the motion to avoid NFSN. Sometimes cheap can be really great, like Google search. But NFSN is just plain cheap. Also, NFSN has recently raised their prices, so even medium sized sites will end up paying the same amount they would for a decent service, but I doubt that NFSN has improved their service at all.

Comment FOSS and Cross Platform Engines (Score 4, Informative) 113

It's not every day I come across a perfectly good excuse to toot my own horn. Here is my list of free game engines: My definition of "game engine" is a bit stricter than most. I believe Wikipedia has a similar list.

Drivel like this article is why I quit Slashdot. You can quit too! with only occasional relapses.

Comment Re:What is so bad about the tags? (Score 1) 6

I'm pretty sure we all get that rendering bug. It's just how the page is designed. Also problematic, is that the tags are the same color as the summary, clicking on them no longer does anything, and sometimes multiple instances of the same tag will appear. Plus they are mostly useless for searching, unless you happened to want to search for all "kdawsoncrap", or "crybaby".

I didn't mind tags at all when they were in beta. They were a different color, therefore standing out from the summary, and you could click on one to find more articles with the same tag, although you could only find articles a month or more old. I don't recall ever seeing duplicate tags. I would not have considered turning them off, because while they served little purpose, they were funny and did not cause problems. I find it disgusting how Slashdot simultaneously decided to fuck up tags, remove them from Beta, and made it more difficult to turn them off. Sometimes I think Slashdot is trying to fuck things up just to get people to comment on how fucked up things are, therefore increasing comment count and page views. It works, but still.

I am quitting Slashdot. Are there groups for that sort of thing?

Comment Re:Article Biased... (Score 1) 541

Damn you and your thorough explanation of what is going on, that makes the government seem slightly unreasonable, but not bat-shit insane. And damn your unbiased explanation of each side's point of view.

I come to Slashdot to bitch and moan about how the man is keeping me down, despite having a 6-figure annual income. Damn you!!

Comment Re:Hey kids (Score 1) 211

It seems pretty unlikely that their is a button to prevent people from writing negative stuff about you on the internet, and then sending the links to all of your peers.

I find it more likely that you don't know what bullying is (which I suppose is a good thing. hint: spam is not the same thing), and didn't read the article, and barely understood the summary. But that didn't stop you from posting. I do that too.

Comment Re:Upgrade? The new 3.1beta may be faster, but (Score 1) 2

Submitting bug reports to mozilla is not nearly as hard as you make it out to be. They never ask for your phone number, and your name is optional. All you need is an email address. Which is kind of lame. And your email address will get spammed, because it will be publicly displayed, which is lame too. But all you need is a throw-away, or dedicated spam email address and a password.

I think it's pretty lame how so many online services require that you give them a real e-mail address. It slows down humans way more than it does bots. It's just plain retarded.

Comment Re:Aw how things change. (Score 1) 134

I never really thought that GPLing their engines made Id any money, other than increasing their good will. But you bring up a good point, that because their engines now update to current platforms "automatically", they can still make money buy selling their older content, whereas that might not be profitable if they had to maintain the engines themselves.

As for "those times", they haven't gone away. Id is still around, and they are a good company. They continue to release their engines as GPL five years after original release. Unfortunately, they only make FPSs.

Maybe somebody could kidnap John Carmack and force him to write an RPG, or a Zelda-like adventure game. I'm only joking. Mostly. But seriously, that could work. But I'm only joking.

Comment Re:Oh no... (Score 1) 231

other politicians have been pushing for gambling and anorexia websites to be added to the mandatory filter.

Seriously? Anorexia websites? What purpose could they possibly have to ban anorexia websites, other than to prevent mentally ill people from getting help? 15 years ago, I would have said that's even too ridiculous for government, but there is no such thing anymore. Still, are you sure you didn't mean something else, though?

Comment Re:Residential (Score 4, Interesting) 388

Benjamin Franklin invented Daylight Saving Time. It was never enacted until long after he was dead, but in theory it might have saved candle wax and lantern oil back then. Of course, he was only recommending it as an experiment, and he would not have recommended continuing it after it had been proven to be such a waste.

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