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Comment Re:Template (Score 1) 360

Came here to say something like this. Surprised that it is so low and so few votes compared to automation.

Our system goes a little further and we've had pretty good success with it: send them a link beforehand where they can enter the bug. Make the important fields required and don't accept bug reports any other way. Some of the users then just stop sending in bug reports and some fill things in with meaningless information, but generally the quality of the reports went way up.


Submission + - Yale grasping robot helicopter (

garymortimer writes: "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) avoid interacting with their environments. Aircraft “look, but don’t touch”, with UAVs avoiding contacting objects and obstacles around them.

However, the ability for small robotic aerial vehicles to grasp and manipulate objects around them has numerous applications across a variety of disciplines, including sample retrieval, highspeed courier services, intelligence gathering, and explosives disposal."


Submission + - Android 2.3.4 available via OTA (incl. download) (

An anonymous reader writes: Google has officially released Android 2.3.4 via OTA for Nexus S and Nexus One owners. The update brings Video and Voice Chat to Google Talk, which is supposed to compete with Apple’s popular front facing chat program FaceTime. The update also fixes a couple bugs experience in version 2.3.3.

Submission + - Forty Years of P v NP

An anonymous reader writes: In the afternoon of May 4, 1971, in the Stouffer's Somerset Inn in Shaker Heights, Ohio, Steve Cook presented his STOC paper proving that Satisfiability is NP-complete and Tautology is NP-hard.

The theorems suggest that Tautology is a good candidate for an interesting set not in [P] and I feel it is worth spending considerable effort trying to prove this conjecture. Such a proof would be a major breakthrough in complexity theory.

And thus Cook formulated what was soon to be called the P versus NP problem. The rest is history.

Here's the 1971 STOC Program (there were 143 attendees)and what that sacred ground looks like today.


Submission + - Algorithm for Optimal Job Scheduling Contest (

bart_blaszczyk writes: "Job scheduling is a common problem in many different applications. However, there is no algorithm that can solve this problem exactly, finding optimal solution in a reasonable time, for any large configuration of jobs and workers. In this challenge, we ask you to devise possibly most efficient intelligent heuristic for the problem of jobs allocation under constraints. Two best solutions will be awarded with $1,000 and $500 of prizes, and the winning algorithms will be disclosed publicly as open source on TunedIT pages. The
challenge is organized by a US-based online marketing company, WL Marketing.

Good luck!!!"

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 274

Same problem here: I have a Neo Freerunner - all open software on open hardware.

Locks? What are those? Do you mean password protected? Yeah, I have that.

United States

Submission + - Feds raid legal marijuana shops in Montana ( 1

nekad writes: "The feds have set a dangerous precedent by executing a coordinated statewide raid of legal marijuana clinics in Montana. These raids come on the heels of a bill that would have repealed medical marijuana in the state narrowly failing. The timing of these raids is suspicious obviously, leading to speculation that some state officials may have helped the FBI coordinate the raids.

Given Montana's rocky relationship with federal policy (rejecting RealID for instance), this probably won't be taken lightly. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds."

Open Source

Submission + - Richard Stallman: Cell phones are 'Stalin's dream' (

jbrodkin writes: "Cell phones are "Stalin's dream," says free software pioneer Richard Stallman, who refuses to own one. "Cell phones are tools of Big Brother. I'm not going to carry a tracking device that records where I go all the time, and I'm not going to carry a surveillance device that can be turned on to eavesdrop." Even the open source Android is dangerous because devices ship with proprietary executables, Stallman says in a wide-ranging interview on the state of the free software movement. Despite some progress, Stallman is still dismayed by "The existence and use of non-free software [which] is a social problem. It's an evil. And our aim is a world without that problem.""

Submission + - Microsoft uses Japanese disaster to boost Bing (

BogenDorpher writes: "Microsoft committed probably one of its worst mistakes since Windows ME. Recently, Microsoft launched a Twitter campaign using the horrific disaster in Japan as a way to boost Bing. Eventually, Microsoft realized they screwed up by doing this and apologized by donating money. But was the damage already done?"

Comment Re:vim? really? (Score 1) 592

This. I'm a hardcore emacs user - I wrote my own variant in TECO on a PDP-11 called "MINE" (unoriginally named after FINE - FINE Is Not Emacs) back around 1980, but I gave in and learned the basics of vi a few years back, simply because emacs isn't always available, and sometimes "echo whatever >>" just won't cut it.
The Internet

Rushkoff Proposes We Fork the Internet 487

Shareable writes "Douglas Rushkoff: 'The moment the "net neutrality" debate began was the moment the net neutrality debate was lost. For once the fate of a network — its fairness, its rule set, its capacity for social or economic reformation — is in the hands of policymakers and the corporations funding them — that network loses its power to effect change. The mere fact that lawmakers and lobbyists now control the future of the net should be enough to turn us elsewhere.' And he goes on to suggest citizens fork the Internet & makes a call for ideas how to do that."
The Courts

USCG Sues Copyright Defense Lawyer 360

ESRB writes "The US Copyright Group has sued Graham Syfert, an attorney who created a packet of self-representation paperwork for individuals sued for P2P sharing of certain movies and moved to have sanctions placed against the defense attorney. Syfert sells these packets for $20, and the USCG claims the 19 individuals who have used it have cost them over $5000."

DHS Seizes 75+ Domain Names 529

Many readers have sent in an update to yesterday's story about the Department of Homeland Security's seizure of, a domain they believe to be involved in online piracy. As it turns out, this was just one of dozens of websites that were targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. "In announcing that operation, John T. Morton, the assistant secretary of ICE, and representatives of the Motion Picture Association of America called it a long-term effort against online piracy, and said that suspected criminals would be pursued anywhere in the world. 'American business is under assault from counterfeiters and pirates every day, seven days a week,' Mr. Morton said. 'Criminals are stealing American ideas and products and distributing them over the Internet.'" The TorrentFreak article we discussed yesterday has been updated with a list of the blocked sites.

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