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Comment Even worse results for in-app mobile ads! (Score 1) 117

Researchers have also found that in-app mobile ads have even higher costs. The press release (here) and paper (here) showed that apps with these ads consume an average of 16% more energy – but up to 33% more; 48% more CPU time, resulting in noticeable slowdowns in the app’s response time; and uses around 79% more network data, costing an estimated 1.7 cents every time they’re used. For app developers there was also a cost in terms of increased maintenance effort, increased complaints, and lower ratings.

Submission + - Free Apps With Ads May Be Killing Your Phone's Battery And Data Plan

Mei Nagappan writes: Not all free apps for your phone are really free, according to recent findings by researchers at Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Southern California and Queen’s University. The mobile ads in free apps slow the phone down and causes mobile apps to consume significantly more energy and network data.

News Article:

Original Research Paper (accepted in the highly competitive International Conference on Software Engineering):

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