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Comment Re:I must be missing something. (Score 1) 240

How about offering a desktop manager like in ala Linux?

I feel the reason they don't want to offer such customizable things is because they want you used to this new tablet/phone way of doing things. They want you to use a store like Android/Itunes to buy apps, then they can also push their terrible Music and Video service like they do on the Xbox.

Comment Re:Of course! (Score 1) 305

I made no value judgement about whether or not it was a good or a bad thing.

Employment is one of the largest factors in recidivism, but the jails themselves are another large factor. They most often are not "correctional" institutes, but universities for how to become a better criminal. I think a large part is that for the longest time they were merely to punish and not much thought given for afterwards. The US is well behind in this regard when compared to European prisons.

There is a reason that US prisons are stigmatized (I know this from what I've read, no first hand experience :-p).

But forcing people to hire felons is not the answer. The government already gives tax breaks to people who hire felons, that's about as good as it's going to get. A stick and carrot, not a baton. There's no reason to punish businesses for your mistake. Being able to not commit felonies is not something you put on your resume because it's generally understood to be a requirement in any higher level job unless you have very specific/unique qualifications.

Apparently the only high level jobs where it doesn't matter is being a US senator (Ted Stevens - Alaska (R)(dead) )

Submission + - GCHQ Builds Raspberry Pi Cluster: The Bramble (

WGFCrafty writes: The GCHQ (United Kingdom's security agency) has developed a 66 Pi cluster The Bramble. Each part of the bramble contains 8 Pis which are referred to as an OctaPi.

"The Pis are driven by power over ethernet (PoE) to reduce the wiring and each one has an LED display.

Each OctaPi can be used standalone or hooked up to make a bigger cluster. In the case of the Bramble a total of eight OctaPis makes the cluster 64 processors strong. In addition there are two head control nodes, which couple the cluster to the outside world. Each head node has one Pi, a wired and WiFi connection, realtime clock, a touch screen and a camera. ".

Comment Re:Ron Wyden Edward Snowden (Score 3, Interesting) 107

And besides, he's a senator. He is actually in a position to talk and be heard by people that matter. Moreover he's the one telling us that there are even more programs, and that he disagrees with the expansive privacy violating abilities the make possible.

The downfall of this "more perfect union" is going to be from within and in the name of protecting it from terrorists.

Comment Re:Not necessarily (Score 1) 283

You're right it isn't ONLY CO2.

Man also produces many MANY other heat trapping gasses that by weight trap hundreds of times more heat.

Even if increasing CO2 levels don't directly lead to global warning (unlikely that it won't but there could be some reverse feedback mechanism we haven't recognized) it STILL will acidify our oceans when it dissolves as carbonic acid.

This is definitively man's fault. It will effect all of the animals that need calcium carbonate to make shells as it means that it is more easily dissolved in ocean water, weakening their shells and potentially killing them off. These animals (a whole lot of animals) are at the bottom of the food chain. Think of it as a food pyramid with us at the top. They are our foundation, and we are weakening it.

Comment Re:Meanwhile... (Score 1) 283

If consequences are half as dire as the potential that's been will talked about, I fear the only way we could get the world to stop on that dime is with a crystal ball that shows the future.

Until we have that people are going to figure it's someone else's problem. Or they're completely ignorant bastards like a relative who told me "it's arrogant to think we can effect the planet." I wanted to punch him. If your source (singular) of information is Rush Limbaugh you deserve no opinion, or at least no respect.

Comment Re:And in the US (Score 4, Insightful) 179

I forget which scientist was asked by a general if it had "military use, if it could protect America?" and he replied "no, but it will make America worth protecting."

This is the reason we should do things. Not for profit, for material gain, for defense, or any other flimsy reason. It should be done because it is beneficial to us all, because it advances us all as humans.

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