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Festo's Drone Dragonfly Takes To the Air 45

yyzmcleod writes "Building on the work of last year's bionic creation, the Smart Bird, Festo announced that it will literally launch its latest creation, the BionicOpter, at Hannover Messe in April. With a wingspan of 63 cm and weighing in at 175 grams, the robotic dragonfly mimics all forms of flight as its natural counterpart, including hover, glide and maneuvering in all directions. This is made possible, the company says, by the BionicOpter's ability to move each of its four wings independently, as well as control their amplitude, frequency and angle of attack. Including its actuated head and body, the robot exhibits 13 degrees of freedom, which allows it to rapidly accelerate, decelerate, turn and fly backwards."
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Steam For Linux: A Respectable Showing 372

An anonymous reader writes "Valve has just released its February, 2013 Steam Hardware & Software Survey, and the results are absolutely mind blowing. Linux is now standing strong as a legitimate gaming platform. It now represents 2.02% of all active Steam users." That's in keeping with what new submitter lars_doucet found. Lars writes: "I'm an independent game developer lucky enough to be on Steam. Recently, the Steam Linux client officially went public and was accompanied by a site-wide sale. The Linux sale featured every single Linux-compatible game on the service, including our cross-platform game Defender's Quest. .... Bottom line: during the sale we saw nearly 3 times as many Linux sales of the game as Mac (Windows still dominated overall)."

Comment Re:Good luck Dawn (Score 1) 116

Same calculation knowing that the solar constant for Earth (1 AU) is approx 1 kW/m2 results in a 137 W/m2 on Ceres (put on top of it the 20% efficiency of a photovoltaic and you'll get... what... 27 W/m2?)

Isn't part of the 1kW/m2 on Earth due to the atmosphere absorbing some of the energy? Ceres wouldn't have that problem. Still, that distance-squared reduction would still create issues.

Comment Re:It sucks to be a Windows OEM right now (Score 0, Flamebait) 192

Did I miss the news where Microsoft said they weren't allowing other companies to release products with Windows8? Seriously, this is just Microsoft showing off how they envision Windows8 implementation, not shutting out everyone else. The main stink I've heard from OEMs is along the lines of, "We push generic, shitty hardware and the Surface doesn't look like that. Microsoft is going to make our product look bad."

Comment Re:Really? Which legitimate scientists thought tha (Score 1) 87

That's not that astounding of a claim to make. There are only a handful of antes in our solar system that are rocky, and there wasn't necessarily evidence to support plate tectonics on those other planets. Now, if the claim had been that there weren't plate tectonics anywhere else in the galaxy, then yes, that would be quite a bold claim.

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