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Submission + - Public Transportation RFID "tolltags" hack

W33dz writes: From Boingboing.com:

Roel Verdult, an MSc. student from the Raboud University of Nijmegen, used an RFID [Wikipedia] tag emulator to perform a successful practical relay attack on the single-use OV Chipkaart (the Dutch RFID public transportation card), that uses MIFARE Ultralights (no crypto).

There's a video of the relay attack available. [ru.nl] The video speaks for itself.

Roel used a homemade tag emulator that was modeled after Kfir and Wool's "ghost and leech", to perform a simple relay attack. However, anyone can perform the same attack using the RFID Guardian, whose HW/SW is freely available.

A PDF Link [rtl.nl] to a detailed write up is available.

Submission + - Spammers use stripper to get email accounts

W33dz writes: It appears that our wanton desire for naked boobies has been harnessed yet again. Spammers have created a Windows game which shows a woman in a state of undress when people correctly type in text shown in an accompanying image. The catch is that accompanying image comes directly from a CAPTCHAS query on a different website. As soon as the human horndogs answer the query, the spammers get a new email address to blast more smut.
I'm all for some good smut now and then, and I have to admit that this is pretty darn clever.
BBC Link

Submission + - Home-made helicopters hit northern Nigeria (yahoo.com)

W33dz writes: "A 24-year-old undergraduate from Nigeria is building helicopters out of old car and bike parts. Mubarak Muhammed Abdullahi, a physics student, spent eight months building the yellow model seen here (Yahoo), or here (Gizmodo) using the money he makes from repairing cell phones and computers. While some of the parts have been sourced from a crashed 747, the chopper contains all sorts of surprises."

Submission + - Trenches plan to secure Baghdad

W33dz writes: With all of the violence in and around Baghdad, the Iraqi Interior Ministry announced today that they would be digging TRENCHES and erecting a wall around the city. Brigadier Abdul Karim of the interior ministry told the BBC that hundreds of minor roads would be sealed off under the plan, so that the city could only be accessed via 28 checkpoints. I guess if you can't get all those expensive weapons and cool little gadgets to work, you can always go back to moats and portcullises.
BBC story.
Houston Chronicle's take on it. (from the AP)
On a brighter note, President Bush declared that Military Tribunals and Torture are good things.

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