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Comment People will die (Score 5, Insightful) 426

In Katrina the power went out, the cell phone towers went down, the police multiplexing radio stopped working. The only communication people had when the water started coming into their homes were their analog phone lines. When everything else stopped working those remained operational. I still remember people calling in to a local radio station (from their landlines) to say that they were trapped in their attic and request help. Getting rid of analog phones is the worst idea I've ever heard and shows that that the people suggesting it have never seen the information black hole that results from a major disaster.

Comment Fleet Car (Score 5, Insightful) 505

At $50,000 the Model S is more likely to be used as a fleet car then something you use at home. For those who say this is a waste of money I'd like to point three things out: 1. GM spend 1.2 BILLION to build a PROTOTYPE electric car, which they didn't put into productions. This is money to build a factory that will actually um make cars. 2. Tesla is going to use this money to build electric vehicle components in the US for other companies. Having that kind of production is the US is BIG DEAL for our balance ot trade. 3. Tesla is more likely to pay

Comment Computers and People (Score 2, Insightful) 911

Well it's quite simple really. Boeing doesn't expect anybody to be flying one of their big jets without years of experience. If you have a mechanical failure do you really want to have a machine, that may be getting fed bad data, trying to figure out what to do next. (Also doesn't help airbus that they seem to be having many more crashes then Boeing over the last five years).

Comment Environmental Factors? (Score 5, Interesting) 695

Sorry to point out the obvious here but Mexico City is located more then a mile above sea level (higher elevation then Denver). Could environmental factors be the reason that people are dying of respritory complications in Mexico but, so far, this doesn't seem worse then other flu outbreaks. And keep in mind folks, in a normal flu season around 30,000 people (out of a population of 340,000,000) die of the flu in the US.

Comment Playing EvE (Score 1) 156

Playing EvE is like playing D&D at the end of 3.5 with every book ever published for the game. After five years of development their are wheels within wheels. Just explaining to somebody how to PvP in a Rifter, without getting concorded, melted by gate guns or otherwise killed by the environment can take several pages. It can get overwhelming at times, opps I told you to safe spot but forgot to tell you that you can get probed down in a safe if you don't have a cloak on your ship. Oh but think before putting on a cloak as it'll bork your locktimes, but you're in a rifter that has fast locktimes, but the cloak costs more then the ship!

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