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Comment Re:Don't Count Your Chickens (Score 2) 372

Sadly to an extent this will happen. I dual boot and I love Arch Linux and FreeBSD. So I specifically booted into Linux to buy my games during the sail just to support the platform. But to be honest at home I'm in windows most of the time mainly due to my friends saying lets play a random arma2 mod or most other games, leading to me having to reboot back into windows just to play. I have a feeling this is the case for more people than will admit to it.

Comment Freeish (Score 1) 164

Another option is checking with a friend. A group of us rent a server running Arch Linux but any distro will do. This lets us host some websites, mumble, virtual machines, do ssh tunneling to get by work firewalls or get free internet at hotels, private file sharing and proxying/tunneling like you're wanting. If you have a friend like this and his server hoster hasn't given him ipv6 get him to ask and they will probably give him more than he could ever use like ours did. Then he can set up what ever method you want.

We got a decent server for $50 a month split 4 ways.

Comment Re:Translation: We Don't Have Gigabit Fiber (Score 1) 573

I have a 7.5 mile link. I have a 60ft tower I got for beer, yes beer but I had to take it down and set it up myself. My setup is a RB411AH http://routerboard.com/RB411AH with an XR2 802.11b/g 600 MW mini-PCI card and your standard 2.4GHz 24dBi parabolic grid type antenna and an enclosure for the routerbord. This is a little overkill but it works well. You can get some much cheaper all in one units now like http://www.ubnt.com/airmax#airgrid and probably be better off. I did have to work with the wisp for about 2 years to get all the bugs worked out.

Note: It wasn't me it was them but they worked with me and it's much better.... Granted my only other choice was Satellite but hell no I'm a gamer.

Comment Re:Translation: We Don't Have Gigabit Fiber (Score 1) 573

Well in some cases this is not that far off. The two towns I live between Lebo, Kansas pop ~932 and Waverly, Kansas pop ~587 traffic lights, zero. :) Sadly I have a county fiber box in my front yard and I'm not allowed to hook into it so I'm stuck with a WISP at 2m/512k. I need to harass the county board about that again.

Comment Re:Thick Skin (Score 1) 786

"The question I have is what happens to Linux after Linus? If he is the Monarch, is there an heir or will Linux slowly begin to splinter without that strong Ego to guide its vision. Seems like the King does not want something added to "his" kernel, but had he disappeared just before his tirade, what would have happened?"

For this you can look at many dead, dying or disorganized/lost distributions or even governments and companies. In most cases a complex piece of software or distribution needs a strong leader to keep his/her vision going. The first example in the Linux world I think of is Gentoo. Daniel Robbins setup the Gentoo Foundation and stepped down as the chief architect. The side effect of this is Gentoo a distribution that has made many enhancements to Linux and software development in general has become stagnant, with no real direction or drive. It used to drive the development of gcc, test new ideas and was the goto source for documentation on anything Linux. Gentoo is far from dead but has lost a lot of what made it what is was and is being surpassed by Arch Linux and Ubuntu.

Comment Simple tip. (Score 1) 193

Just don't be stupid, really that's it.
You can use all the password tips in the world but never use one that's restrictive.
Every restriction you add makes it that much easier to guess.
This includes grammar, there are far fewer ways to be grammatically correct than not. So I don't really understand how this got published. What's the point of proving the obvious.

Hell you can use all the tips in the world if you want, lets start.
30 days: V%w#tVmi6
60 days: V%w#I love lamp.tVmi6
90 days: passwordV%w#I love lamp.tVmi6
180 days: passwordV%w#I love lamp.tVmi6
360 days: passwordV%w#I love lamp.tVmi6 Dis_thingizgettingl0gandstuFf
Getting sick of the long ass password day: gettingl0gandstuFf lava Cheetos 2+2
If you can't tell I'm just adding stuff.
Check this one out: _letmein123qwerty45iloveyou_
Or this one: !Call now and get a free pineapple for only $19.95!

But if you force your employees to use rules like you must use 3 characters of each type. You're going to end up with half your employees or users using 111!!!QQQqqq

Comment Re:In other words... (Score 1) 248

Yes lats make it illegal to have access to perfectly useful tools that push development in all fields of technology and help produce real physical products. I for one have always wanted to experience the dark ages for myself. Or I don't know we could just leave it as it is and enforce the laws we have. you know the ones that basically say the illegal use of software/anything is illegal.

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