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Comment An Apple Exclusive? (Score 1) 266

This is an Apple patented feature so I guess the question is will they charge a licensing fee that other vendors are willing to pay and will other phone maker use a full spectrum camera so it works? If they are unwilling to add a full spectrum camera or pay the licensing fee it will only effect iPhone users which make up about 45% of the market. (If a quick Google search is to be believed.)

Comment Updates VS No Updates VS No Updates Required (Score 1) 507

My dad's TV stopped getting updates, a bunch of the Apps slowly stopped working since then. If I were him I would feel ripped off every time I turned on the TV for spending extra to get a smart TV just to see a bunch of apps that don't work anymore.

Though getting spam on your TV and having it spy on you sounds worse.

I think the really winner is a cheap dumb TV with lots of inputs.


Submission + - Robotic Cannon Looses Control, Kills 9, 14 Wounded 1

TJ_Phazerhacki writes: "A new high tech weapon system demonstrated one of the prime concerns circling smarter and smarter methods of defense last week — an Oerlikon GDF-005 went wildly out of control during live fire test exercises in South Africa, killing 9. Scarily enough, this is far from the first instance of a smart weapon "turning" — the biggest concern seems to be finding the glitches in the system instead of reconsidering automated arms altogether. Sarah Connor, where are you?"

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