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Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 636

...the first thing I did when I understood a formula was to write a program on my calculator to solve it.

...the first thing I did when I understood a formula...

...I understood a formula...

That's the key issue here. You did the work, you took the time to study and think about your tasks. Not everyone a teacher has to deal with is quite as thoughtful with their studies.

So they want everyone to show their work. They want everyone to prove they "understood a formula."

Now please excuse me while I review some log tables.

Comment Re:By 'troll' they mean... (Score 0) 417

Sadly, my psyche has been assaulted by your pathetic mewlings before, Anonymous Coward. By the way, that oozing pustulance coming from behind your ears isn't your brain leaking out, it's just oozing pus. I've seen bums, playing with the maggots gnawing on the flesh inside their herpetically-induced, open heroin sores, who present more of an aura of cleanliness than you do. Jesus Fucking Christ, take a shower occasionally!

Comment Re: Not enough (Score 1) 432

They're providing a needed service

The fire department provides a needed service.

and enabling micropayments from people who don't want to see ads but don't want content producers to die due to lack of revenue.


It is Apple that doesn't do anything for subscriptions except payment processing for which 30% is just BS.

That string tied around your finger is only there to remind you to breath, it's not a "fee shcedule" scale by which you can measure business entities against the shit from bulls. Apple is greedy, Readability is is fueled by greed. /smack

Comment Re:More to come? (Score 2) 197

The hospital I'm at takes HIPAA compliance very seriously. From the provider side, at least, it seems admin has been able to integrate HIPAA regs into daily processes, such that they aren't burdonsome, or even noticable. I will note that TFA shows just how much it takes to wake the fed-monster up. Seems like quite a lot.
United Kingdom

Badgers Digging Up Ancient Human Remains 172

One of England's oldest graveyards is under siege by badgers. Rev Simon Shouler now regularly patrols the grounds of St. Remigius Church looking for bones that the badgers have dug up. The badger is a protected species in England so they can not be killed, and attempts to have them relocated have been blocked by English Nature. From the article: "At least four graves have been disturbed so far; in one instance a child found a leg bone and took it home to his parents. ... Rev. Simon Shouler has been forced to carry out regular patrols to pick up stray bones, store them and re-inter them all in a new grave."

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