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Comment In the Middle (haha Musical Reference!) (Score 1) 720

I'm in the middle. I like GUIs for a lot of advanced program usages that I haven't learned on my own yet, but, for example, I've never found a visual DNS utility I liked. They're all just too slow. Classic (read: non-AJAXy) Web Interfaces are worse. Maintaining a router via it's built-in web server is antagonizingly slow.

Having said that, most everything else I do is all command line work.

Trying To Lure Suckers, Company Resells Open Source Blender 294

sylphsama writes "A company named 'IllusionMage" deceptively resells a 3D open source animation package (Blender) and claims it as their own. The software, dubbed IllusionMage, portrays flagrant similarities with Blender, although outdated compared to the original. The website itself is a patchwork of sorts, using renders from different users and numerous other packages as a way to impress its visitors. Not only is that a breach of copyright, but they intentionally hide that the software is distributed under the GNU GPL license, rendering it free to use. The Blender Foundation itself has spoken out through its chairman Ton Roosendaal." I love that they promise "Free Updates For Life. All From the Thriving Open Source Community, This Software is Forever Improving."

Comment Re:Yes, it is easy to over think them. (Score 1) 394

What the heck? That got TOTALLY munged, take two:

diff -uN <(cat file1 |sort -u) <(cat file2 |sort -u)

I think? Possibly also |wc -l but that admittedly wouldn't be 100% accurate.

The traditional way is three commands:
sort -u file1 > file1.out
sort -u file2 > file2.out
diff -uN file1.out file2.out

Comment Headline Misses The Mark (Score 1) 122

I think the real story here is two fold;

The first is [obvious]:
More pages with Malware contained 'London' because of those Geo-Spam ads that usually come from Virus-laden ad networks. "Hot Singles waiting for you in London!" You know those ones. Facebook does it too, just a little bit less flagrantly.

The second is the fact that Vodafone UK is serving up Malware. That's awesome.

Comment If Brad can do it, you can too! (Sort of.) (Score 1) 377

A quick in-page skim and search does not appear to show anyone else having already said this:

It'd be interesting to see if Brad (yes, of LiveJournal fame) does something like this, given (1) what he's already done and (2) what he's mentioned he'd like to do.

He's already rolled his own automatic/wireless garage door opener;
Short overview with some detail in part 1:
More details in part 2:

Also in Part 1 you'll see that it was suggested that he put his multitude of in-home access points to use, and use it to let his Android determine where he is in his house, and wire up some other basic utilities to use this data.

If he gives every light switch an IP address, then the room can light up as soon as he goes to enter it.

That would be nothing short of amazing. He would never have to raise his arm to flick the switch ever again!

And when he wants to be social, he can just broadcast his EXACT position. It'll be like Britekite on Steroids! :P

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