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Submission + - Popularity of IT in India taking a beating

Vulcann writes: The Economic Times has an article about how the IT industry is perceived in India in general and and how the recession has taken its toll on enrolment into college tech courses.

From the article:

...which are seeing a steep drop in the demand for courses in information technology. According to S Mohammed Tajudeen, who handles placements at Crescent Engineering College in Chennai, there are 30% fewer applicants for courses in IT while the numbers of those opting for computer science has dropped by a tenth.

Comment This is what the world seems to think anyway (Score 1) 2369

According to a BBC article here, Obama seems to be the more popular one (not that I'm implying this is a popularity contest - even if it does end up being one).

The thing I particular don't like about McCain is his propensity to being nasty. As if that's not enough, he continues to be nasty even though there's ample evidence to suggest it isn't working the way he intended it to. If he doesn't listen to whats happening around him, or deliberately chooses to ignore him, he's already exposed a possibly critical weakness.

Submission + - Google: Leave No E-Mail Behind

thanosk writes: Google has taken another step in the attempt to convince users from relinquishing their precious Microsoft Office applications. With Outlook being the one that holds most users captive to the Microsoft suite will the release of an API for Outlook migration to Gmail convince executives to move to an on-line Office suite ?

Submission + - Menstrual cycle is a good source of stem cells. (

mayanks_098 writes: "The "monthly curse" may be anything but: menstrual blood appears to be a rich and easily accessible source of adult stem cells, claim two competing research groups. Each month, after a woman's uterine lining is shed, it has to be rebuilt in preparation for a fertilised egg. This feat involves growing the billions of cells to make a 5ml layer"

Submission + - US Patent Office granting patent on yoga?

Vulcann writes: If you thought software was the only area abused by patents, think again. The 10,000 year old art of yoga has a patent pending on it.

All the major Indian newspapers are carrying the story. Experts are almost unanimous on the fact that yoga originated in India and to patent it is positively ludicrous.

Yoga enthusiasts and gurus have said that the move is unjustified as yoga belongs to the entire human race. The US Patent and Trademark office has reportedly issued 150 yoga-related copyrights, 134 trademarks on yoga accessories and 2,315 yoga trademarks.
Another reason to take a good hard look at the way patents are granted.

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