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Comment Re: How can this possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 214

I think most of us understand this. I think most of us know that this has to do with selling stuff using the olympics without the permission of the Olympics. However, the olympics is lawsuit happy so it is not unreasonable to think the policy might have some negative impact on people who are just tweeting.

Comment Apple Laptop (Score 1) 56

Years ago Apple had a laptop that let you switch out an internal module. You could add a device, such as high capacity drive, without changing the form factor. The advantage was high speed and plug and play. It was not a success because these were not good values and you still had to carry all this stuff around with the added mass of casing and connectors.

I can't imagine what the benefit of this would be. USB is fast, the connector small. You can probably get all this stuff cheaper, maybe even lighter, as standalone components. The connectors seem to be way more metal than a USB C. If the issue is multiple devices without a hub, the we need to find a daisy chain solution this is both USB and FireWire.

Comment Re: Analogue vs Digital, and DRM (Score 1) 527

The one good critism is DRM. Right now I can't watch movies on my desktop because my monitor is not HDMI. Which means content providers can block the headphones as well when the jack goes away.

Which I think it will. I see more kids using Bluetooth headphones. Think in a few year all the cool kids will use these. I wonder if you can pair multiple headphones to the same device?

Comment Re:Sure, why not? (Score 1) 351

That is the issue, right, we will buy lab meat if it is cheaper. I think that if this labeled it is ok, just like farm fish or GMO. Not that it will necessarily inferior or more dangerous, just consumers need to be informed.

I also think there is a huge market for this. Many people don't eat meat for environmental or social reasons. Lab meat, as it is probably less destructive than mass market meat, will be popular. The key will be cost. What could happen is that it will take the low end of the market, and we may see a return to more traditional ranching.

Comment Re:truth vs fact (Score 1, Insightful) 259

It is really truth versus fact versus partial reality. For instance Donald Trump says he can eliminate the US public debt in four years. In this mind, and the mind of his supporters, this is truth. There is a way to do this that is factual. However, the practical reality is that doing so would end the US as we know it.

The truth is that million of pounds every day went from the UK to the EU. The truth was that some people in the UK wanted to believe that the money could be going into their council housing. The practical reality is that the money going to the EU was much less, and without the EU the much of money would have to be spent provided services and paying for new expenses.

Lets take a more concrete example. I often am asked why it takes 9 months to get to mars. Why we can't just do a 1g acceleration and get there in a week to a month. The reason is because in space we do not travel in line like we can do for short distances on earth. In space we travel in orbits, and we need to do a few orbits around the sun to go from the earth to mars. We do not have to do it this way, but this is way we do it so we do not waste energy, among other reasons.

The problem with facts is that we cannot just choose the subset we want then reach a conclusion that works. The problem is truth is that people will usually just believe what is consistent with the few facts they know. If we take truth, and facts, and observation of what has worked in the past, and a little innovation, we generally reach a workable solution. We know there is silver bullet, there is no free lunch.

Comment Re:Misleading heading and summary (Score 1) 89

I think as we require more scientific validity in police work, we see that some of the old assumptions are false. For instance genetics was seen as a sufficient indicator of guilt, but if we apply mathematics we see that it can only be used to prove innocence. This lead us back to question fingerprints and other things. Many of these are good investigative tools, to indentify suspects, create leads, and as part of a package of evidence that can be used to establish guilt.

On the other hand I think it is proper to question if encrypted evidence that was somehow returned to plain text should on it's own establish guilt.

Comment Re:Hope the crow is tasty (Score 2) 157

To some degree MS was kind of like a rental program, at least for consumers and small business, as far as revenue was concerned.. You bought a computer, and got to run the OS on that computer for the time the computer was in use. You could pay a fee to upgrade, but you could not transfer. MS was insured a steady revenue. As computer got cheaper, the fees they could charge got smaller, and that steady revenue got smaller.

To combat this they came up with an insane number of SKUs, and sold a stripped down system with the computer, that the user could them upgrade, and still now be able to transfer it to a new machine. For some one who wants to work with the OS professionally, it does lead to a situation where it is hard to take the seriously.

Comment Re:But Seriously... (Score 4, Insightful) 387

On the other hand, we do think that the laws of the universe should be based on the same principles at all levels, so the fact that General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics do not mesh well is a problem we need to solve. If some physics people want to look for other ways to solve the problem fine, but we do not discount a theory in modern physics simply because we cannot observe the phenomena with out current equipment.

We have to recall the Quantum mechanics was a radical explanation for a real problem. Theory says that if you put a heat source in a black box the universe should be destroyed. This does not happen so the theory was wrong and we ended up with a theory was very difficult to prove. I have had professors tell me that the absolute proof of quantum mechanics, i.e. an experiment that could not be explained using an alternative theory, did not exist until the 1960's when lasers were used. That does not mean that an alternative theory will win out, but there is a great deal of support for QM.

Likewise, general relativity is only now getting empirical evidence that supports it as the most likely out of competing theories. We must recall that the impetus of general relativity was a lack of symmetry in the mathematics of Maxwell laws, having to do with identical magnets moving with respect to one another. Warped space is an elegant explanation for why things happen, but it may not be the best explanation.

Time is more complex. Right now thermodynamics, which is not considered as grounded as Newtonian mechanics, says the the universe evolves in one direction defined by the fact that entropy always increases. The are some measurements of the asymmetry of a nucleus that indicates that direction of time is a constant, but I don't think anything in physics right now decisively says there is an arrow in time, just an arrow in the evolution of the universe, which is why we don't have perpetual motion.

This guy is nothing more than the friction described in The Structure of Scientific Revolution. There are always going to be people who do not assimilate the growing accumulation of data, who are stuck in the current paradigm, and who will oppose all efforts to a paradigm shift. They understand that Physics does change, but they get hung up on disproving new theories and not their pet theories that they assume are already beyond reproach.

Comment Re:Sulu is George's character (Score 1) 354

It is not much that a character is defined by an actor, but when remaking a series on should make any changes early and use them in the narrative, like making Starbuck a female in BSG. I think if Sulu had always been gay, then it would have been ok. It is that in this future time there would have been some reason for Sulu to remain in the closet that is a problem for many of us. It reeks of dont ask, dont tell. How in the future idealistic world would such a thing be possible, unless you believe that being gay is not part of the ideal world.

OTOH this is what we expect from JJ Abrams. He is, after all, the person who envisioned a world that could build starships but have no homeworld security or even basic defense drones. I understand we live in peace, but the Enterprise is welled armed, and we are not that far off from a third world war in the scenario. It is pretty silly that a conference room could be shot up or a starship destroy a good part of a city with no defensive measures taken, or that one would have to physically run to catch someone in a world where transporters exist.

So we just sit back and enjoy the films that lack the traditional cohesiveness of internal logic of the sci fi genre. We accept that some things are going to be introduced with no payback, just because he had a whim that it might be interesting and boost the commercial value. This is fine if you are doing TV, but major movie releases are supposed to be more thought out.

Comment Re:median vs average (Score 1) 622

I noticed they were talking about median income but a more vague average price of car, which makes no sense, We know that half the families makes more than this money, which means that half the families have this much to spend. On the other hand, it makes not sense to say the average price of a car as such a thing is not going to the limit the ability of a person to buy a car.

This is not the case of median home prices, which does represent the homes sold in an area, and a high median home price will result in families not being able to afford a home in that area if the median price. There is seldom an incentive to build cheaper housing outside of government programs. On the other hand, a person with a low budget can get a Nissan Versa.

Tl;dr there are a lot of cars under $20,000, so the fact that the average person can't afford the average car is irrelevant. The average person can afford a car.

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