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Comment Re:As it should be... (Score 4, Insightful) 389

I certainly can see the benefit of living in a police state where everyone is hoping to get dirt on everyone else, but I also see the benefit of living in the US with it's traditional values of privacy and limited police power, where fighting crime is less of a priority than making sure the citizen is protected from having their home invaded by the cops or their stuff taken or their liberty denied without due process.

In any case, if I were a low paid tech worker, I think I would have significant incentive to fabricate evidence. $500 is a weeks pay, at least, for these guys.

Comment Re:cult of mac (Score 1) 168

The iPhone could not even reliably make phone calls. I had an iPhone, moved from my Razr. which was also a phone that did not make reliable phone calls. The iPhone did solve a problem that I had with the Razr which is effortlessly synching from my computer so I do not have to reenter data.

I wonder what issues there were with the iPod, because I never had any. I have a nomad, and paid as much for it with no memory as I did for my iPod mini. On the Nomad it took a Very Long Time, a Pournelle used to say, to fill the small card memory card I bought an additional great expense. The firewire interface on the iPod meant that I could move singficant parts of my then 20GB library very quickly.

It has to be more than gimmick. MS has been trying to do smart phones since 1996 with Windows CE and so far they have nothing. If people were just looking for gimmicks and integration, MS would have had more that 10% of the market at any one time. Blackberry, which was a good phone, fell very quickly.

One thing that Apple has done is fearlessly try new things. As a business machine, Blackberry did not have that luxury. Apple as a more creative and consumer company can throw legacy out the window, which is really what most people hate.

Comment Re: So... (Score 1) 157

CNN can be fined by officers of the congress. Congresscriters, according to the constitution can only be punish by their peers. So this rule is unconstitutional because it does not allow the peers of the offender to individually assert a punishment. It is like the courts or FBIor local or state police cannot judge the president. He can only be impeached.

Comment Don't believe the hype (Score 0, Troll) 103

Nuclear has had 50 years to become profitable. It is not and will not be profitable except in countries who subsidize it as the only practcle option. There is. O nuclear renaissance because in most cases the risks do not outweigh the benefits. Same thing is true for coal now that natural gas is almost free.

Comment Re: 10% false positives is a horrible rate (Score 1) 99

Really, wow would consider anything accurate if it diagnosed over 10% of patients incorrectly. For instance mamography for women under 50 about 80%, which is why it is not always recommended for y0unger women. Here we are talking about 17 diagnosis with a 10% error. Regular use would likely mean that you would be guaranteed to be diagnosed with something eventually, something you did not have, while missing the thing you do.

Comment Re: Copy Cats (Score 1) 130

Honestly there was a short period where my iPhonewould shut down around 25%. It would have to be plugged in, then would turn back on.

Power management in probably the top innovation in mobile and getting it right is hard. Getting even somewhat wrong can be disaster. Just look at the hoverboards from last Christmas.

Back in the day we simulated hundreds of duty cycles for a battery before letting them in the feild. Even then there was no way to know for sure that a battery would perform.

Submission + - Carrie Fisher passes away (people.com) 1

wiggles writes: “It is with a very deep sadness that Billie Lourd confirms that her beloved mother Carrie Fisher passed away at 8:55 this morning,”

Submission + - Carrie Fisher dead at 60 (pagesix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher died Tuesday after suffering a heart attack last week, her family said.

Comment Re:And the operating system is..... (Score 1) 229

A normal person does not care about OS on mobile. They care about integration of services.

I saw an ad for home and wondered who was going to buy it. Again, Google comes in at a high price point. The echo is $50. Home is over $100. Amazon released the original to Prime member for $99. Most people shop from Amazon. Amazon missed the boat on the phone, hard to compete with Samsung, but the integration on Alexa is pretty sweet. There are a number of smartphone integration skills that do not require any special programming. I can tell you it much more easily integrated than Apple Home and Siri.

Yes, google owns Android, but the we see by the splintering and difficulty updating the OS that google has very little control of it. Fire is a fork which I think is more under control than most others.Pretty much Google would have to close future source as it is released if they wanted to hurt Amazon, and that would likely eliminate whatever hope Google has of dominating mobile.

I trust Amazon marginally more the Google because I pay Amazon for stuff, where the only way google can make money is by monetizing information the collect on me. That is why I do not have a Nest.

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