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Comment Re:Never heard of it... (Score 1) 67

UF is certainly one of the oldest web comics and one of the few to support the artist. If it had not been for plagerized it still would be running.

I would also point out that the old web comic I know about is I PhD, running since 1997 with almost 2000 strips.

I guess in this post factual world, no one will care.

My opinion is that since around 2000, it has been a renesance in newspaper style cartoons as the barriers to entry are non existent and for those who got in early, quality was all that mattered. Even late comers, like XKCD do much better by some metrics than early entries and popular sites like SMBC.

Comment outside the US (Score 1, Interesting) 63

Are people actually going to risk being detained at the airport for hours or being put in jail just to attend an Apple Conference. This is not snark. I am really interested if these kind of things held in the US are still viable. I expect to see more North American international conferences held in Canada. I know that most people attending the conference will be light skinned, but still...

Comment Re:Copenhagen Interpretation (Score 1) 82

Many interpretations are that it is actually a wave, and not a particle at all during travel. So it isn't "two places at the same time" so much as it is a wave. From the perspective of this wave though travel is instantaneous (time does not pass), so its not breaking a law being a particle at one place, a wave during the travel, then a particle at the end point.

Comment Re: Black Mirror (Score 2) 130

And read the story reported here of the university that was attacked by its own IoT.

Also, these things take energy and our ability to control is limited. We fantasizes 50 years ago that we could have a grid of sensors to predict the weather. We fantasizes we could replace tree with machines to clean our atmosphere. There is some stuff we are just going to have to accept that nature does better and if we don't comply we will lose.

Comment Google translate plagerized? (Score 1) 136

Is the Tech Times article click bait or plagerized? It reads like it was copied, translated by machine, and pasted into somebody else's byline. Broken English quotes are fine, but at least have the pride to edit the copy by hand before publishing. Anne Baker sounds like someone who can write native English, if I can be so presumptive

Comment Re:Hurry up (Score 1) 626

Not all H1Bs go to Silicon Valley, keeping them out wouldn't help other States, it might help other countries as you suggest.

I do agree we should crack down on H1B abuse, but the idea at heart is a good one. I think they should give priority to converting Student Visa to H1B. I've known a few foreign student visas who have done so, but they didn't get any priority. If there person is already here at a student it makes sense to keep them here as an employee, no reason to lose those we educate.

Comment Re:Betas will beta? (Score 3, Interesting) 283

The sex drive in humans is a continuum. Not everyone has a life controlled by where their next orgasm is going to come from. And not everyone simply has sex only before they go to bed. Sex on the kitchen table or in the office is not an unattainable fantasy, even for a person with little sex drive.

in fact one issue we have had over the past couple decades, and perhaps even for out entire history, is that drugs are overused to promote the sex drive, even when there is no natural desire. The stages of adolescence and young adulthood n the US are so messed up that they tend to be directed and controlled by the people who have the most sex drive, even though that level of desire for sex, objectively speaking, is freakish. I have no issue with healthy sexual situations depicted in the media, but even the most liberal minded person has to admit that most of what is in the media is atypical and often does not show healthy situation. Like so many other situations, it shows a false normal that promotes drug use to achieve. We are expected to work so we take drugs. We are expected to party so we take drugs. We are expected to copulate at a moments notice, so we take drugs.

The religious freaks in the US promote a christian sharia law so we feel guilty about doing all of this so we take drugs. We feel like we have to have kids if we have sex, so we put the kids on drugs when they do not meet the expectations.

As is said anywhere, the research, not the alternative facts, do not indicate that humans evolved to work long days. In fact we see throughout civilization a desire to sedentary and not work. We see social structures that appear to prioritize a wide range of social interaction over the limited possibilities of a relationship based purely on sticking on part of human anatomy into a different part of another person's anatomy. Again, the religious freaks want to limit us to this because they are the ones that aren't capable of fully experiencing full human relationships, and they are the one's who are unhappy, and they want everyone else to be equally unhappy.

The one thing he is right about is the religious freaks in the midwest considering the relatively tame lifestyle of the geek inoffensive. This is simply because we geeks tend to not be exhibitionists, we tend to not be so insecure that we need everyone to approve of the lifestle we lead, or the need to parade trophy mates instead focusing on being with people we actually like.

Comment How does KDE compare to Cinnamon? (Score 1) 89

After years of threats, I finally managed to eliminate all the apps that were tying me to a Windows 7 desktop or a Macbook workstation. I've used Linux heavily for years, but never as my desktop OS. It was always my app, web, or build server, and I'd interact with the machine via bash over SSH.

Now that I'm on a Linux desktop, I'm fairly comfortable with Mint's 'Cinnamon' UI, which I understand is a forked version of Gnome 2.

Normally, if I wanted to experiment with a new UI, I'd just dive in, but I'm still in the phase of building my expectations and lists of needs. (Do I really need Sublime or will Gedit suffice? How do I change that default icon for Firefox to one I'm more likely to recognize?)

Does KDE offer me any great advantages over Cinnamon or Gnome? Any of you more experienced desktop aficionados have an opinion you'd care to share with a relative novice?

Comment Re: But does X now work with it? (Score 1) 202

Obviously you've never tried. MacOS' Unix bits are pretty stable and function as expected other than a bit of changes here and there such as in how stuff is configured. Cygwin, Microsoft's own Linux-bits port, or one of the many other efforts such as what you get with Git are all pretty buggy and can vary wildly. I'm glad Microsoft is finally making the effort but it's still very rough. Often crashes the entire computer and lots of common functionality is just missing as if they compiled everything for maximum lameness. Don't quite see the point of Wine but then I don't use Desktop Linux for serious work anymore as, after decades of trying, it just never got to a truly usable state and even tended to get worse. Combined with how awful most Windows apps are I can't imagine wanting to run a Windows app on a Linux desktop.

Comment Re:Because people can travel? (Score 1) 290

This would require massive amounts of additional DRM to insure the software was running in the correct region. Think of DVD players, and the reason I stopped buying DVDs.

For software this would be catastrophic. For anyone who travels software that works on one country and not another will be useless.

Comment Re:As it should be... (Score 4, Insightful) 389

I certainly can see the benefit of living in a police state where everyone is hoping to get dirt on everyone else, but I also see the benefit of living in the US with it's traditional values of privacy and limited police power, where fighting crime is less of a priority than making sure the citizen is protected from having their home invaded by the cops or their stuff taken or their liberty denied without due process.

In any case, if I were a low paid tech worker, I think I would have significant incentive to fabricate evidence. $500 is a weeks pay, at least, for these guys.

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