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Comment Re:Scary stuff (Score 2) 279

Delivery is a red herring though, having items delivered is likely a more efficient use of fuel than using a car to get items for single household. A delivery driver can server a 1 or 2 dozen families a day for approximately 6-7 hours of driving. If at a low estimate 12 families instead drove themselves to the shop (or possibly several shops) with an average round trip of an hour that's already more fuel burned and 12 times as much traffic capacity taken up. I don't have a car though so delivery is often a necessity for me, there's a limit to what I can carry.

I agree that people can be lazy and after instant gratification, and the SUV fashion is getting out of hand considering how often I see them being driven as a daily commuter vehicle with a single occupant.

Comment I'm forced to pay but get no content (Score 2) 77

When they rose the price of Prime from £49 to £79 and bundled in Prime Video I wasn't all that happy and until Grand Tour was released I had yet in the years since that increase to find a program I wanted to watch on there. I'd check, see if it was on Amazon or Netflix before often purchasing it on Google Play.

But 90% of the time that a show is actually on there it's not included. I wanted to watch Stargate SG1 the other day and they're charging £2.50 per episode, no offer to buy by the season (and the US price is listed as $1.99 but I bet that doesn't include VAT)

A separate site of what's available as part of the subscription would be good, tying it in with Amazon's full site doesn't help.

Comment Genuine surprise at Pebble's Market Share (Score 1) 330

With the continued success of their Kick Starters I'm surprised how small a share they have. I know they're a very small company in comparison to the others in this industry but I've looked into the other watches available and Pebble seem to be getting price, functionality and battery life spot on. Very little compares well for value for money or convenience of use.

Maybe there's a bias towards supporting "indie" tech among my group of friends but Pebble is by far the most common smart watch among them, then again none of them use Apple products so that'll almost certainly skew an already biased sample.

Can't wait to upgrade to a Time 2 next year, my Classic has served me extremely well and been far more useful that even I expected. My phone now feels cumbersome to use with out and being one to put my phone down in the strangest of places I'm ashamed of how often I use my Pebble to find it.

Comment Good Parenting should be enough (Score 1) 146

Having websites act as parents isn't an efficient solution. Teach parents how to use decent parental control software and about the importance to monitoring what their children do online (not just porn) would be far more effective.

This issue will probably get less over time as the current generation of internet and computer illiterate parents are gradually replaced by the next generation that grew up with the internet and won't need a state sponsored course in this.To be honest I think one of the bigger issues is every parent buying their child a laptop each, yeah it can be great for entertainment and education but at least with a family computer it's in a place where you can see what they're doing without having to spy and it'd be very embarrassing to be caught looking at porn in the dining room or kitchen.

I think I know and/or have a plan for managing the internet when I have kids, and while the first time they go on a porn site won't immediately lead to punishment it will at least allow me to know that a conversation about it is necessary as well as discussion on an age when it might be appropriate.

Comment Re:Probably Illegal (Score 1) 371

The Lorem Ipsum is very strange for anything that's meant to be up and running.

I'm not usually one for big business but Facebook's terms of service expressly forbid third party access or sharing as far as I know. I'm aware that terms of service are of flimsy legality sometimes (some where between verbal contract and the ridiculousness of EULAs) but using Facebook for this without going via them (which wouldn't be possible because they deal in bulk analysis not individuals) just won't happen. Well it shouldn't happen. I sincerely hope it won't, Facebook might actually do the right thing, maybe, am I being naive?

Comment MinecraftEdu was better, probably (Score 2) 32

We used MinecraftEdu in a previous workplace to teach a variety of things in Maths and Computing but we relied heavily on mods and this new one doesn't offer anything close to what we had. I was about to look into using in my new job but this version is Windows 10 only and has no mod support, this makes it pretty much useless for me.

Comment Re:If we had flying cars... (Score 1) 951

The problem with the argument is that although life might seem like a wonderful adventure from Mr Musks point of view, a game or simulation that would be interesting to play, and experience, there are plenty of others who experience a much less fun 'game' experience - and wouldn't sign up for it in the first place.

You're assuming that we would be the players and not NPCs. The difference between simulation and game is fundamental, we're the sims in Sim Universe not player avatars of an MMORPG. It's in my opinion a very human thing to assume we're self important enough to still be real outside of the simulation, we're just as likely not to be.

Comment Re:Duh. Because God made it (Score 1) 720

I thought myself that it's a bit of hubris to even claim to know the "conditions for life". We're aware of one set of conditions that life found a way to flourish in but isn't it a folly to assume that there's only one list of conditions.

Unless we're talking base principles like, an atmosphere of some kind, some form of biological sun energy collection unless life could collect geothermal energy of some kind (which could be solar derived, gravitational pressure, tectonic friction) and by extension an amount of heat that's not either end of an extreme scale.

I thought we'd also pretty much confirmed that prehistoric Mars would have had some form of life but the loss of it's magnetic fields millions/billions of years ago allowed solar wind to strip it's atmosphere of the elements life there had come to rely upon. That might just be wishful thinking to be honest though.

Comment Re:Given that they don't have access to raw feeds. (Score 1) 28

Do they need access to any feeds at all? It might not be a bot searching for show names but Facebook providing data to their system on show mentions similar to how "Trending" section to the top right of facebook. That's not based on my friends that's based on the whole of facebook, all with out access to the feeds of the rest of facebook.

Saying all that a ridiculous number of people have their profile set to to public in full.

Comment Re:Unison (Score 1) 748

Okay lets say that instead of 5 pedestrians outside, we instead have a pregnant wife in the passenger seat (let's assume they don't know that the air bag might kill their unborn child). This happens I've seen stories.

Collision about to occur,
- Head on, all dead.
- Swerve Right (hit passenger side hit), wife dies.
- Swerve Left (hit driver side), driver/father dies.

What do we make the driverless car do assuming a complete stop is not possible or just as dangerous?

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