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Comment Re:No (Score 3, Insightful) 238

In this case it means: "Stupid headline; clickbait that will lie or disappoint." The only possible news here is that NASA is doing something stupid, but I cannot be bothered to check for sure.

Information cannot be delivered faster than Einstein's constant even using quantum entanglement. The concept is well-understood. Would you read an article about how NASA discovered how to make your car run more efficiently by using tap water instead of gasoline?

Comment Re:License Audit (Score 1) 57

It's a basic principle that branded products will lose market share if people are momentarily forced to try something different. This is why Kraft foods spends so much money maintaining a cheese reserve; if--due to some temporary disaster--there was a shortage of cheese then they might not be able to keep shelves stocked with their brand and loyal customers would be forced to try something they might discover that they prefer.

Comment Re:Verilog (Score 1) 365

What a great "idea". Unfortunately you still have to divide first in order to determine your multiplicand.

For example. Dividing by 34.527. How do you know what to multiply by instead? Do you have a very, very large lookup table? Now there is a solution. Get rid of multiplication AND division and just use lookup tables. That should be fast.

Comment Re:LOL Tesla (Score 1) 375

I see cars on fire on Google traffic reports quite often. I had to make a detour earlier today because of one. Otherwise I have only seen one in my life, when my professor at Brooklyn Polytech forgot to put the oil cap back on his engine. He rode into the parking lot with a lot of smoke coming from under the hood. Then it ignited. We couldn't say for sure whether or not he was better of keeping the hood closed.

Comment Re:Because government knows how to do anything? (Score 2) 375

Ironically, it was Gus Grissom who's Mercury capsule sank on landing after its hatch bolts inexplicably blew. The investigation and redesign resulted in the Apollo 1 hatch, which opened inward. IIRC the cabin was not just pure O2 but was actually over-pressured for a completely different test for leaks in the cabin. [WTF?] Of course once the fire started heating the air, the overpressure would have been insanely high. No human could have opened the hatch against that force.

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 490

Do you understand the difference between a personal tweet and journalism? Or did you assume that Time edits everything this idiot says? In his weak defense I would point out that he admitted it was a stupid tweet and deleted it. Now for some idiotic reason the fact that he deleted it is somehow news, as if his attempt to erase admitted evidence of his own stupidity was somehow a crime.

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