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Submission + - Hp Introduces two new iPAQ phone/PDAs (

VoxVeritas writes: Hewlett Packard has introduced two new iPAQ cell phones, the iPAQ 610 and 610c. Both are G mobile phone with GPS navigation and run Windows Mobile 6 Pro. The 610c comes with a camera. Not much new here. One has to wonder why they would choose to announce new phones so close to the time Apple would make a product announcement, knowing that Apple product announcements are such a big media event.

Submission + - Would you buy an OLPC, if you had to paid extra...

VoxVeritas writes: How much would you pay for an OLPC laptop, if the extra money you paid would buy one for a worthy child? It seems to me that it would be a good way to get more machines into the hands of kids that need them by charging enough to sell them to geeks like us, so that for each OLPC sold would buy a machine for a child that needs one. Plus, imagine all the free software development that the program would get. The BBC has a pretty good article about the OLPC. _ How much would you pay $200, $250, $300 or $333(if it came with a Mr. Wizard Laptop bag)?

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