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Comment Re:This makes sense (Score 1) 502

It makes the assumption that every user is an admin

RMS makes the same fallacious assumption, and throws root passwords willy-nilly to the users.

That's for FREEDOM man... FREEDOM! I will thank RMS now for allowing me to have my beer and my FREEDOM too!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure RMS's beef was forcing software developers to conceal their actions from each other... I may be wrong though, and then /. will have to correct me :(

Comment Re:This makes sense (Score 1) 502

Well, that's questionable... Unplug the machine, hook it directly to a laptop pretending to be the server but with an old signed package list and old signed packages. You have to fool it into fetching the "new" package list though but launching one of the update tray tools that give you "you have x updates waiting" should cover that without entering any password. As far as I know there's no downgrade protection of package lists so it'll happily accept any old package list and install any old version you want it to.

You have physical access... There are SO many more convenient ways of breaking into the box than what you are describing...
Still. This is a bad idea. Non-admins installing software that admins may or may not know about... yeah... whoever thought of this should be taken behind the chemical shed and shot.

Comment Re:This makes sense (Score 1) 502

I fail to see how not being able to guess the account name of the superuser is a bad thing ^_^

even better, what if you had sudo rights split up between all of your users? O.o It's kinda silly (similar to tinfoil hat linux), but you could have one user for mounting devices, one user for starting certain apps, one user for creating and deleting files, etc...

and we could all type in our passwords by playing tetris in a certain way... that would work!

Comment Re:Maximizing copyright != maximizing producers (Score 1) 466

It's more about censorship than entertainment really...

It's also about businesses who make money by selling products and people getting to use products that they paid for (as opposed to businesses leasing "rights to use" and then charging over and over again whenever there's a change of medium)

Comment Re:indeed (Score 1) 1231

I watched an entire 2 seasons of a TV show on karmic running on a dell Latitude e5500. I suspend it all the time and I get more errors from my 9.04 than from my laptop (9.04 requires me to killall gnome-panel on every login as well as change the clock to daylight savings time).

Comment Re:Professionalism (Score 1) 1231

also, fedora is CRAZY more unstable than ubuntu is. Fedora is RHEL's playground, all the stuff that works in fedora is rolled into RHEL. Ubuntu ONLY has Ubuntu, so there's a bigger incentive to be a bit more stable (it's why they didn't just jump to things like OpenOffice 3 when it came out near their release schedule)

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