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Comment Re:In some ways (Score 1) 348

I love the idea of an advanced civilization coming along and discovering that we've made a modern Rosetta stone out of the collected works of Dr. Seuss.

Graduate studies courses in ancient human civilization discuss how we destroyed our climate, and how we had now-extinct creatures who would speak for the trees, and so on.

Comment Re:Completely wrong.... (Score 1) 618

When somebody else wants to fuck your wife do you quibble about whether or not his service will be satisfactory to her?

No, I assert that even given that the activities of screwing the milkman and getting supper are mutually exclusive, now that the screwing is over, surely then, supper may now, logically, be got.

Comment Re:Immigration (Score 1) 1718

This was proven false a while back. We put a bunch of antelope in an airtight container and waited for Native Americans to spontaneously appear and hunt the antelope. They did not.

Killing two birds with one stone, after the antelope died (it being an airtight container and all), we reproduced the results of earlier spontaneous generation experiments when we failed to notice any maggots appearing on the antelope carcasses.

Comment Re:I think I am in trouble (Score 1) 208

I think what you're describing is exactly the problem. It's clear that what they're saying has meaning, and something obvious comes to mind. But what comes to mind and what they *actually do* may be vastly different. Leaving the boring details out allows the investors and consumers to imagine that something being a whole lot greater than it actually is.

Comment Patently False (Score 5, Funny) 208

To call the type of cutting edge thought leadership that we do in our particular paradigm landscape nothing more than jargon is simply unsubstantiated. By leveraging the de-facto enterprise-ready solutionspace that your clients are already engaged with, we enable your company to provide truly agile customer-driven projects that have a low ready to market to headcount ratio.

Comment Other Mammals? (Score 3, Insightful) 203

I live in Wisconsin. On the back roads, it's not uncommon to see deer attempt to cross traffic, and there are quite a few unlucky motorists who manage to hit one.

Now, if the impact doesn't kill the deer, I have an angry/terrified deer thrashing about on my hood.

If the impact *does* kill the deer, I'll need to have tags with me, since I'm now transporting a deer that I just killed.

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