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Submission + - After 10,000 years, farming no longer dominates (

Peter S. Magnusson writes: "As reported widely in business and mainstream press, the ILO recently reported world market employment statistics. Hidden away is a gem: for the first time since basically the invention of agriculture, farming is not the biggest sector, services is (aggregate employment numbers often divide the economy into agriculture, industry, and services)."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone unlocked from AT&T network by NJ hacker (

coondoggie writes: "Everyone needs a hobby I guess. A New Jersey teenager said today he has hacked the lock that ties Apple's iPhone to AT&T's wireless network, a move that now lets him use it on T- Mobiles network. Experts say T-Mobile is the only other U.S. carrier compatible with the iPhone's cellular technology. George Hotz, 17, posted the hack on his blog, said the unlocking procedure is complicated and requires skill with both soldering and software and takes about two hours to perform. Hotz said: "So if you follow these steps, you should have an unlocked iPhone. I'm sorry about how hard they are to follow, but someone will get them to work, and simplify them, and simplify them more. Hopefully a software unlock will be found in the near future.""
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple's iPhone finally unlocked...

Min0taur writes: The iPhone unlock instructions can be found here: And the unlocked iPhone (now on T-mobile) used in those instructions can be purchased here...bidding now over $2,000! =230164884672 All done by a 17 year-old from New Jersey. The entire hack takes about 2 hours, they say...requires both a hardware and software mod. NY Times coverage: ne-Unlocked.html
United States

Submission + - Pirate Party US announse Utah registration drive ( 1

neuron2neuron writes: "The Pirate Party of the United States announces it is now accepting statements of support in the State of Utah. These statements are the first step in the registration of the Pirate Party as a political body in the State of Utah.

This registration is part of the continuing growth experienced by Pirate Parties all over the world. We feel that Utah is an ideal state to begin registration of the Pirate Party as a political body, says Andrew Norton, spokesperson for the Pirate Party of the US. Utah has a strong history of political diversity, and technological progress."

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Being Unhealthy Could Cost You -- Money (

Joe The Dragon writes: " 804238.html?.v=1&.pf=insurance
By Jena McGregor

For employees at Clarian Health, feeling the burn of trying to lose weight will take on new meaning.

In late June, the Indianapolis-based hospital system announced that starting in 2009, it will fine employees $10 per paycheck if their body mass index (BMI, a ratio of height to weight that measures body fat) is over 30. If their cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels are too high, they'll be charged $5 for each standard they don't meet. Ditto if they smoke: Starting next year, they'll be charged another $5 in each check.

Clarian has been making headlines for its aggressive and unusual approach to covering escalating health-care costs. Rather than taking the more common step of giving employees incentives for merely participating in its wellness programs, such as joining a smoking cessation group or using a health coach, Clarian is actually measuring outcomes. And unlike most employers, it is penalizing workers for poor health instead of rewarding them for taking healthy steps.

This is yet another way that employers try to mistreat there works and some times the work environment can lead to people gaining weight like making them work 80/H + week with fast food working lunches + hours that don't give the works time to participate in wellness programs. In cases like that it is very unfair to change employees for poor health that sometimes comes from a poor working environment."

Operating Systems

Submission + - World Famous Librarian Endorses Ubuntu

good soldier svejk writes: From the opening obvious markets department... Metafilter moderator, globetrotting blogger, librarian and free speech advocate Jessamyn West decided to refurbish one of her libraries Ubuntu style. She made a little movie about the process and judging from her behavior at the end, was very happy with the results.

Jessamyn is a free speech nerd. Her father is Tom West of Data General fame.

Submission + - Vudu Casts Its Spell on Hollywood

jshriverWVU writes: Vudu Box The Vudu box looks like a nifty new device for buying digital media and viewing it on your TV. Here is a snipet from the article: Vudu, if all goes as planned, hopes to turn America's televisions into limitless multiplexes, providing instant gratification for movie buffs. It has built a small Internet-ready movie box that connects to the television and allows couch potatoes to rent or buy any of the 5,000 films now in Vudu's growing collection. The box's biggest asset is raw speed: the company says the films will begin playing immediately after a customer makes a selection.

Submission + - Editor forced to quit over criticism of Apple

athloi writes: "A PC world editor has been forced to quit after publishing a story critical of Apple that drew him into conflict with his boss, who had come to PC world from MacWorld. Apparently, the firing has sharply divided the staff, who are currently edging away from any MacWorld-tinged events. Does the NWO want us to use Macs, after all?"

Submission + - Geek Squad fails, $415 charge. Linux recovers HD

An anonymous reader writes: Seems the Geek Squad and Best Buy horror stories never stop coming in. The latest is a piece over at the Consumerist where someone went to Geek Squad to attempt to recover data off a hard drive that apparently crashed. For $415 and 8 days of time, the Best Buy Geek Squad techs failed to recover any data from the drive. The author later tried to recover his data using a friend's Linux box and after 20 minutes, most of his data was recovered. After attempting to get a refund for something that the Geek Squad techs were unable to do, he only managed to get under 1/2 off the fees that he was charged... having to pay almost $250 for nothing.

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