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Comment Re:Ug (Score 1) 312

The suicide rate at Foxconn is still lower than that of the general population in China, but striking for its concentration among a group of workers at a single company

Why should any company, electronic or otherwise, actually have a statistic for a Suicide rate? I can understand such a rate for a general population but for an actual company?

Comment Its a nightmare (Score 2) 402

I live in San Diego and on Monday,October 1st, the local Chevron was 4.09. When I got home, it was 4.19. When I woke up on Tuesday, it was already 4.29. Yesterday, it was already 4.89. Big Oil is saying that a refinery that is responsible for 8% of production, a power outage and the switch from Summer blend to Winter blend (appearently there is different additives during the year) is causing the spike. People out here believe there is gouging going on while the local independent stations are shutting down as they can not afford to buy the gas. That in turn means you can only buy from Big Oil.

Comment So Basically... (Score 1) 314

The only two differences between this product and NeverWet are 1. This product is available now (sort of) while we have to wait a few months for the latter and 2. You have to send in your gadget to Liquipel HQ? Sorry, I would rather wait for the stuff to come out to the market than to trust sending my electronics somewhere to be coated.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 283

The extra overhead to deal with multiple coverage policies based on the actuarial cut-off of 25 or the additional cost for one-size-fits-all policies for everyone is the reason those under 25 can't rent cars in the US. Not because they're not adults, but because it's a completely undeniable fact that, on average, they have poorer judgment and are less trustworthy with expensive machinery and the lives of others than those who are over the age of 25. Yes, the cut-off is arbitrary, but if you make a distinction you have to make it somewhere. It takes too much time, effort, and expense to determine on a case-by-case basis who is a moron and who is not.

Based on that argument, it means that the 23 year old military pilot flying the 100 million dollar fighter jet can not rent a 30 thousand dollar car

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