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Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 241

I was confused in reading the write-up. If the interview was scheduled three months in advance, why did he say that he only had one day to prepare for the "CS" style interview? Where did this "December Interview Preparation Tips" come from? Only partial bits of data are given, none of which support the poster's side of the story.

I agree, most of the article was about or referenced the schedulding of the interview, then he whined about the date given

A good two and half months notice, he didn't have the forsight to prepare for the interview, mentally or physically (have a headset available)

I figure the Unnamed Coward author's 15 minutes are due to /.'s dislike of facebook

Comment Re:who funded this? (Score 1) 240

Funding? only if someone bought her lunch.
This article was bad filler and should of been passed over.

This Analysis by Jennifer Viegas has no collaboration, no detailed examination
just what she says goes. Even if she wrote it up just for a discussion on
the topic she failed there as well -no commnets. Meaning those at
know a bs headline when they see it; not even giving it a serious look.
Yet give /. a chance at it...

There was no study done on this, or Jenn forgot her cites.
Jennifer Viegas
Her job apparently is to write bad science.

Comment Re:Sophisticated not, Government phishing attempt (Score 1) 124

The E-mail address are good or real at least the ones from spammers wet dream.
Also Richard Clayton has blocked himself from search engines at he works there
Just the few I've played with.

My post look like crap as I appear to be a bot.

Comment Re:Wild west (Score 1) 174

Nostalgia aside, there are significant parallels to the wild west.

- The Internet has been a place of wide open spaces and unparalleled freedom.

Around the Win95 days, was in alt.cracks.binaries reading messages, one thread someone wrote: this is great, this is like the wild west of the internet. I thought "kids". As we progress it rings truer each day. and I think of that message and the fact I scoffed at it more and more. Doesn't recognize me as human so messages look like crap.

Comment Or noise, just don't like the quiet (Score 1) 174

I always have the T.V. going when on the computer, heck it's never off. I have no mental health issues, nor depressed or anxious. I am on the other hand very ADHD. I've found I don't watch T.V. much, so don't have cable or satellite payments, just what's over the air (THIStv and MEtv mostly). I'll be playing Battlefield 3 and find I've been watching a Spanish station (for example) the last 3 hours and not even noticed. I'm always on the internet, but don't do the social sites, I have a 5 year old twitter account with two messages or tweets I guess. When I poop I play games or read the internet on my Tablet or Cell phone, am I nuts :}

Comment If data is the new oil, hand helds are oil wells. (Score 0) 132 sells analytical services to it's customers (ASTRO, Angry Birds, to name two), ie what AD's to show on YOUR hand held. does keep identifiable information. Reading the ToS nowhere does it mention it's Google. That was Google could only be found (by me) through also a Google service :} To block tracking, download ANDROID_ID from the google store, obtain your ID (16 digits long) and paste it here anytime you change ROMS you will need to reopt-out as your ID will of changed.

Comment Re:Revenge killings? (Score 1) 299

Revenge killings? (5, Insightful)

Does the study take into account gang culture and revenge killings?

+5 Insightful? No offense intended but FTA: "We hypothesized that homicide would diffuse in a similar process to an infectious disease with firearms and gangs operating as the infectious agents." being the second sentence.

Comment Re:1993? Seagate? Samsung? Srsly? (Score 4, Insightful) 186

My understanding of the U.S. Legal System may not be up to snuff, but doesn't handpicking a jury (based upon their personal tastes) defeat the entire purpose? It would be like asking all of your selected jurors whether they or someone they love has been involved in a violent crime, and only admitting those who have into a case where the defendant is on trial for murder.

I've been involved in two jury trials and one Jury "picking"
at each one the very first questions asked (for weeding
purposes) were if anyone had ever filed for bankruptcy, or been
involved in any previous lawsuits. There might be exceptions
but those people were excused when I was in attendance.

I was once asked if I thought if a police man would lie, as it
was pertinent to the case, "Hell ya!" and I was off that jury, but
anybody who said no I felt had a warped sense of reality.

Comment Seen any Susan B. Anthony dollar coins lately? (Score 1) 943

We have a dollar coin already and to the delight of the U.S.Treasury collected as fast as they are produced.

Only place I can find any Susan B. Anthony's is change from the stamp machines
at the local U.S. post office.

Walmart gave out Susan B. Anthony dollar coins as change when they first came out, the difference
being they were gold colored (an official coin, not a false color). Damn the reaction I got handing those
out to pay for purchases, it was an immediate treasure to the person and it would appear collected like
all the rest.

Comment Re:Seriously (Score 1) 204

wtf is newzbin2? I used USENET but since existence of online forum... what's the point?

I've always thought the same thing, so did it the hard way, downloading them all in the
newsgroup they appeared it, Never saw the sense in running a NBZ file.

I think my ISP is one of the last to offer free usenet service, the fact nobody knows
what a Newsgroup is now days is just downright nice of them. Largest area of free quality Pr0n
one can trip across as well.

If a NBZ file spanned a group they don't carry I'm SOL, It's always been throttled, filling in my MAME roms
took quite awhile, so better to download a very large file some place else.

I've noticed changes to my usenet access lately, I'm required to log-in (name and password), which
I've never had to do before (Cable Internet), so haven't, and can't see myself ever doing so.

Comment Not really surprising, nor Sagan's "leak" (Score 1) 206

A lot of classified "stuff" never made it past the paper stage.

Many that do are unfeasible, Bat incendiaries, that burned up the test area, the nuclear powered airplane that
couldn't get off the ground as the shielding made it too heavy to fly.

The problem with nukes to the moon is the same as sending nuclear waste to the Sun, it might come back.

As for Sagan revealing "this secret" isn't odd at all, as anybody who's filled out a PSQ for a civilian nuclear security
clearance (Q type) would know. If you withhold anything and it's found out what else are you hiding, type thinking.
Which I'm sure he did fill out due to the nature of this paper. A requirement (updated PSQ) of a another job he was after within the "system", he would of listed it.

Comment Re:It is truly frightening (Score 3, Informative) 206

I know we all joke about politicians and bureaucrats, but to think there are really people that stupid in high places just scares the crap out of me.

Na, what's really frightening is the U.S. missed the moon 2 times in their first attempts. so you would have two nukes flying who knows where.

Be try to spot a big boy sized "asteroids" at this time.

To actually answer your post, yes the U.S. was very paranoid and sure the Russians were going to strike.
It wasn't until they tapped into the undersea telephone cable that they found it far from the truth.

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