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Comment Re:Any evidence... (Score 5, Informative) 286

It doesn't matter if this is the complete list. This list by itself is already bonkers.
At the very least, they admit that they:

- Uniquely identify you, your device, and your location/network.
- Record what you navigate and search on the internet.
- Record what you watch, listen to, and read.
- Record your purchase history.

Not that it matters though. I believe almost everyone does this nowadays.
At least they are being transparent.

Comment Questions, and my best wishes. (Score 5, Interesting) 339

Since you're the creator of LLVM, I'd like to know, in your opinion what's the greatest advantage of LLVM/Clang over the tradicional and established GNU GCC compiler. Also, what's the greatest advantage of GNU GCC (or if you'd prefer, any other compiler) over LLVM/Clang, something that you'd like to "port" someday?

Also, since I work mostly with Linux development, what do you see as the greatest advantages of the Apple developer stack (libraries, xcode, etc) that are sorely lacking in the Linux developing scene, that we should strive to copy/implement?

By the way, and unrelated, congratulations on the Walnut Dining Table you made. It's amazing!

Comment Personality and charisma (Score 3, Interesting) 168

Does anybody here frequently watch Apple product launches? Then give it a try and watch the 10 minute video of Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone. I had never seen that video before. It's such a simple introduction and, nevertheless, with such personality and power... Of course it's just my opinion, but it has humor and it's daring... in a way that it makes the current Apple presentations feel like generic marketing. It's almost a lesson on charisma. Oh boy.

Comment Re:Take a bus in Brazil... (Score 2) 400

Ahahahahaha, so true!

But things are changing, in big cities, buses are already equipped with door brakes (they can't move while doors are open) and GPS speed tracking. People are able to report bad driver behaviour online or by phone, and corrective actions are taken. The reality is that the great majority of people here in Brazil ride buses to go to work, and they can't afford another means of transportation. Buses are not generally used by the middle/upper classes, who usually ride taxis/uber when the need arises.

By the way, this inequality of social class in bus usage creates a problem: the local governments try to improve bus conditions and technology in order to increase security/comfort and incentive bus usage, but obviously this creates an increased fare in order to pay for the extra costs, which are taxing on the lower class population which are the majority of bus users, creating discontent. It's quite a chicken/egg problem.

Source: I work in the area.

Comment Re:I feel like I'm missing something here... (Score 4, Informative) 140

The synopsis is misleading. There is nothing like this in the article. It mentions that Leon Shiman is the current registered owner, but everything else is being kept private for the moment. He being uncooperative is just as likely as he being unreachable for contact for some reason. We'll find out in the next 11 days.

Comment Re: Brazil has aggressive Mosquito control (Score 3, Informative) 102

I'm from Brazil. The same mosquito (Aedis Aegypti) is responsible for three diseases. Originally it was just Dengue Fever that was the problem, but recently there's been an outbreak of Chikungunya and Zika as well. These diseases have similar symptoms, but the latest one, Zika, is being deemed responsible for a huge increase of Microcephaly in newborns lately that is all over the news. There is indeed an aggressive mosquito control front and Government initiatives to inform the population, but keep in mind that it's Summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, and the higher temperatures are causing these mosquitoes to reproduce like a plague, making it much harder to solve the problem.

Comment Re:What's the most coins anyone has collected? (Score 2) 48

From Gandalfx perfectly succinct explanation in the xkcd forums: "In the source is a literal array of the coins' coordinates right at the start. You can just copy paste that array into the js console and add .length to make it spit out the array's length."

Personally, I still gotta catch 'em all. ;-)

Comment Warning: Don't play using Safari... (Score 4, Informative) 48

... the game becomes "unwinnable" because there are certain places you should be able to pass through (like the dialog texts), but Safari turns them into hard surfaces, making it impossible to reach some coins. The problem is that the game gives no previous warning and seems to work ok... until it becomes an exercise in frustration. Firefox works perfectly, other browsers should work ok too.


Another Giant xkcd Comics Experiment ( 48

Dave Knott writes: XKCD creator Randall Munroe has decided to celebrate the release of his new book, Thing Explainer, by creating a "small game" called Hoverboard. In actuality, it is a gigantic scrolling comic in the same style as his previous Click And Drag. However, this time there is a game element as one navigates the comic. Explore giant starships and volcanoes, or search for hidden lairs, all in the name of finding as many hidden gold coins as possible.

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