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Comment Greenpeace, really !? (Score 2) 84

Who the hell cares what greenpeace says ? I do care about nature but i certainly pay no attention to what greenpeace says. And hippies in general.

They aren't a scientific institution, they are a lobby group for simpletons who cannot abide by the conclusions of scientists when they differ from their religious preconceptions. They are rather anti-science. They fish arguments from fringe individuals and see most scientists or engineers or physicians as suspects and in collusion with some vague plot from the industry they consider a priori as evil.

I liked them when they were defending the whales but nothing more.

Actually, finding out what to do to favour responsible behaviour in the industry and what to buy is extremely complicated. You need a lot of input from a lot of different kind of good experts. And the conclusions are not always intuitive.

Like when i read that depending on where you live driving an electric car pollutes more than driving a diesel. Or in some places installing solar panels isn't green because of the configuration of the electric grid. The answers are never simple.

That is why we need robust institutions with their own experts. As independent as possible.

Comment Not an industrialized country (Score 1) 298

In the industrialized countries, it's the industry that weighs in the costs of electricity and they are very touchy about it. So even a small increase in costs for the sake of renewables is out of the question. Last i heard The Spanish industry whined a lot that the choice of solar thermal had made their electricity bills so high they had become uncompetitive.

Private consumers are a different animal. They often can afford more or less reluctantly the prices hikes due to renewables.

So since Morocco doesn't have much in terms of heavy industry it may work there.

But i wouldn't want any European country dependent of another country which refuses to take back its deported criminals. Morocco is basically using Europe as a dump for its undesirables.

Comment It is still the most likely site. (Score 1) 277

The European EELT will cover the southern hemisphere. So it is logical the TMT people want to build their instrument in the northern one.

Except there are no that many sites. You need a calm and clean laminar atmosphere and a high altitude. Sites facing an ocean to the west are good because it is where the dominant winds come from. No hills or mountains there to create turbulences.

South California is in Mexico, a moderately stable country plagued by banditry and mafias. Some people have suggested Morocco for European scopes but the country isn't very secure either. The Tibetan plateau is behind mountains which generate turbulences. The Canary Islands are nice, but not as nice as Hawaii in term of altitude and dryness of air.

Comment Nothing more than a pilot project. (Score 1) 407

As already pointed by another poster, the French press gives a different account.

They already have done a small pilot project with a one kilometre long strip. They say it was a success without going into specifics. They also say that such one kilometre long strip can provide lighting to a 5000 inhabitants small town. Not that it can power it fully. Quite a difference. They add that the project could be extended to the point 1000 km of roads would be equipped that way over a time span of five years.

And i doubt Royal (who is indeed not a very smart person) has five years ahead of her. There is a presidential election in France in 2017 and whether the current socialist excuse for a head of state will stay in place is highly questionable.

Comment Re:Fail To Get It (Score 1) 600

They were trying to protect Turkmen islamists i guess. Trying to show some muscle by ambushing Russian planes which were not expecting it. I think the turkish politicians, that Erdogan redneck first, do not realize what they have done.

By the way, the Russian ministry of defence has issued a statement:

-Bombings will continue
-Bombers from now on will be escorted
-The cruiser Moskva will move north to provide cover with his 64 big big S300 surface to air missiles
-They will deploy ground to air missiles (where ? which ones ?)
-They will "engage" any hostile or provocative action by fighters or SAMs (Read, if we want, we shoot first)

Comment There are no "moderate rebels" (Score 3) 600

There are no "moderate" rebels.

They are islamists. The only "moderates" are in hotels in Turkey; They have no power and are nicknamed the "five star opposition" because of the five star hotels they live in. For the Russians, a beardie is a beardie.

There is neither "the Russians are bombing moderates while they promised to bomb DAESH" They said form the start there were no moderate islamists and even joked they bombed moderate islamists with moderated bombs "which have more pleasant colors".

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are backing Al Nosra which is a local branch of Al Quaeda. And UK and particularly France with that idiot Laurent Fabius timidly backs them to please the Gulf states so they buy them weapons. Airplanes in particular. Against the advices of their own military. It is changing but slowly.

Comment Some innacuraties (Score 5, Interesting) 600

No Mig-29 has ever locked a Turkish plane in the region. The Russians have none there. A F-16's RWR (Radio Warning Reciever) cannot distinguish easily between a MiG-29 or Su-30 or Su-27 radar.

According to the data the Turks themselves have provided, the Russian plane was in Syria save for a very brief instant (5-20 seconds depending the airspeed of the Su-24). This is normal in operations. Small strays at the bad side of a border are common and are not worthy of an incident. If the Su-24 had been in a straight line towards the deep inside of Turkey then it should have been intercepted -not shot down- and either escorted outside of the airspace or sternly asked to land on some Turkish military airfield pending diplomatic exchange between the two nations.

And you don't "warn multiple times" a plane in 20 seconds.

The Turks are clearly looking for war with Russia for whatever reason. Or their political leaders do not realise Russia is not Armenia and they are going to react. They will think it trough but it won't be pretty.

Until now, if you watch the images of Russian planes in Syria, you see they fly with old air-air missiles (R-27s) which show they didn't really expect anyone would be dumb enough to start a fight with them. That is going to change.

I hope NATO will stay out of this. If they start a WW3, I desert. I won't fight or even pay taxes for islamists.

Comment Re:This will be a historic mission. (Score 1) 190

While i think you are correct when your refute the stupid notion that Iranians would be primitive towelheads, i wouldn't call their industrial capabilities "formidable". Their only industrial achievement i can think of that had a strategical effect is making extra strong concrete that contributed to prevent aerial raids against their nuclear installations. This is no trivial material science feat indeed. That and retaining the know how to fly tomcats.

But many of their industrial projects make no sense at all, even as industrial prototypes. Their two tailfin F5's, ekranoplanes or supercavitating torpedoes come to mind. That's just senseless waste of money.

Besides, that very off topic. We are speaking of a UAE funded space mission here.

Comment Re:This will be a historic mission. (Score 4, Insightful) 190

Quite a lot of people will benefit form this "arab" mission i guess. Other sources mentioned a contract between Abou dhabi and France for the formation of experts in the CNES center of Toulouse.

I think it is a good thing they invest their money and their pride in this kind of stuff. More global funding for science and also some arab kids will be able to identify with something they will be proud of and doesn't involve blowing up people or some retarded religion.

Comment What a dumb article ! (Score 1) 353

1) She's is full of it. TFA is really a saddening collection of the usual dumb clichés the "won't anyone think of the children" vomit in the pop media. Not suprising since she's a psychologist and 99.9% of psychologists are dumb nay extremely dumb. (And yes, i have experience in dealing with psychologists and psychology students since i thaught two years in a psycholgy faculty and i sometimes meet some online so it's not just my alma mater) I shudder at the idea anyone is taking her opinion seriously.

2) Only an idiot would let unsupervised children on the internet. Likewise, you don't let children unsupervised in front of the TV or picking whatever from your library. I have books i wouldn't want to be read by an average teenager else a young kid.

3) It isn't very smart to say you will never spank your children. Of course, i haven't been educated by beat ups but i knew if i crossed some lines i could get a spank. I knew i wasn't untouchable. If a kid is convinced he's untouchable he MAY not take other punishments seriously and become agressive towards others. Especially the ones he percieves as vulnerable. Likewise pretending you are non violent to the point you will never defend yourself no matter what happens only encourages assholes.

Comment God ! Stay away from blade runner ! (Score 1) 222

That's what he said in the honest trailer of the incredibly dumb movie prometheus. Way to slaughter a good franchise.

Blade runner's story has been written by Hampton Fancher and David Webb Peoples. They were inspired by Philip K. Dick's novel do android dream of electric sheep but completely changed the meaning of it. In dick's book, replicants are not alive, in blade runner they are allive and struggling to be recognised as such. They are slaves who live in fear because they are considered as objects and live in fear. That's well rendered in Roy's expression when he discovers in horror the collection of live toys of J.K. Sebastian. You can see his little droids being consumed by fear.

Rutger Hauer got it and it's probably why he improvised the beautiful tears in rain monologue.

Ridley Scott ? I am not even sure he understands his own movie. After all he didn't write the scenario. I've seen an inetrview of him and all he seems to be interested about are the visual aesthetics. And gloating about how the movie defines us as human whil it does more or less the opposite.

One could surmise intersting theories about who the space jockey was in alien and why he was carrying his dangerous cargo. Why he tried to war others of the danger of what he was transporting. Were they weapons ? Were they at war with someone else ? All that was mercilessly butchered by the imbecile plot of prometheus who is worthy of a Michael Bay movie.

Go search on youtube the "honest trailer of prometheus". At least THAT is enjoyable. And like Screen Junkies say "god stay away from Blade Runner".

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