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Comment Re:US abuse (Score 1) 966

Oh please. You think any cargo ships left Iraq during operations Desert Storm/Fox/Freedom/etc? If that were the only way to get a nuclear device across the globe, anything leaving by sea would probably be stopped and inspected during a military action.

The Strait of Hormuz is barely over 1NM at its narrowest. It's not that hard to block what's moving out of Iraq in this hypothetical situation.

Point is, Iraq having a nuke would not have prevented military action against them.

Comment Re:US abuse (Score 1) 966

We can be pretty sure that the US would not have attacked Iraq if it genuinely believed that Saddam had acquired WMD for the simple reason that he would have been able to retaliate.

Very few countries have the means to actually strike with such weapons across the globe. Even if Saddam had managed to procure a nuclear device, he didn't have a delivery system capable of launching it at the United States.

Sure, Iraq could have tossed it at a neighboring country on a Scud, but based on the rest of your comment do you think that would have made the Bush administration think twice about attacking?

Comment Re:Just in case it wasn't crystal clear (Score 1) 405

Come on, at least try to make this an intellectual debate. If you think Bush is the worst, give a reason. Make an argument in favor of your opinion, rather than "There's this old lady and she says so."

I'd like to hear some real opinions on the matter instead of the usual garbage. That was why I bothered to post at all--was hoping for some interesting replies.

Comment Re:Just in case it wasn't crystal clear (Score 2, Insightful) 405

Oh there's plenty of room for debate on that. People love shouting the "Bush is the worst ever" hyperbole because he's just the worst during their lifetime.

My own vote for worst president ever is Andrew Johnson. Did a complete 180 on Lincoln's policies, vindictively screwing over the South in the process. Took decades for state economies to recover. Guy was pretty much an all-around dick too.

You don't like Bush. Fine. But come on, at least try to be intelligent about it. Lunatic ranting doesn't really do much to actually make a point.

Comment Re:Look Around You, Look Around You, Look Around Y (Score 1) 405

There are many different government offices, with IT departments run by many different kinds of people. You can't lump them all in the same category.

At any of the places I've worked (all government) IT would have been tipped by network admin software sending warnings triggered by the near-full hard drive. On finding -any- amount of porn higher-ups would have been notified. Said porn would have been removed. Of course acquiring it in the first place would have been difficult with all the restrictive content filtering in place.

Could be they didn't have much of an onsite IT department. Doesn't sound like routine maintenance was even being done on this guy's computer if nobody noticed the full hard drive.

Sounds like the VA office in the above post needs to get new IT people, but I definitely wouldn't consider that the norm.

Comment Re:Fake 3D movies. (Score 2, Insightful) 495

No kidding. I bet most of those "looks of astonishment" are from people working retail.

Way back when I worked retail there would occasionally be the guy who would try to haggle down the price at checkout. Like my minimum-wage ass was setting prices and not the corporate overlords.

But sure man, whatever. You keep on sticking it to the man.

Comment Re:I will never pay for DLC (Score 1) 466

No, that was a "to the side" comment that had nothing to do with the conversation. I just wanted to know if I was right about your attitude since most people with your "I know everything and no one can tell me different" attitude voted for one of the candidates.

You fail at trying to debate because a debate means you listen to the other persons statements and then counter them. You never listened to my statements and as such your counter-arguments had nothing to do with what I was saying. Stop making up your mind about what people should think or do before you find out their views and when they're contrary to your preconceptions, accept that you were wrong - don't keep screaming that you're right when you're not. It just makes you look like a petulant child.

That's what you've been doing THE ENTIRE GODDAMN THREAD. The "everyone agrees with me, you must be stupid" lines, the political accusations, the "you must love DRM" bits... You have no idea what debate really is if you think that's how it's done.

Your last post was the single most hypocritical post I've EVER read. So much that I can't even believe that you actually believe what you're saying at this point. You're just trolling us.

Comment Re:I will never pay for DLC (Score 1) 466

No, I said that I'm not paying for it, whether I get it or not. It's the exact opposite of what you're claiming.

And yet a few posts up you said, "Hardly. They want to screw you over for buying their product, so (since I'm not buying it anyways) it's only fitting that I should benefit at no cost AND avoid the horrible DRM." How is that the opposite?

You're confusing copy protection with DRM.

Copy protection IS a form of DRM. Even back when it was a password sheet that came in the manual, it was designed to hinder digital copies.

Once again, you provide no actual argument and instead scream your ideas of what I should be saying, despite the fact that they're the opposite of what I'm saying.

I've already provided arguments; you just ignore them and keep screaming your own opinions. All one has to do is read your previous posts, you say one thing but then say the opposite later on. Your entire last paragraph is nothing but McCarthy-style "You must love that thing we hate" idiocy. Like this:

Just out of curiosity, who did you vote for in 2008? From your attitude of projecting your opinions onto others, I'm pretty sure I know who, I just want to see if I'm right.

This is exactly the crap you accused me of, and what you've been doing the whole thread. You dodge points people make with handwaving and then counter with insane garbage like this.

I'm done. Should have known better than to have started in the first place.

Comment Re:I will never pay for DLC (Score 1) 466

You said you're getting it whether you pay for it or not. I don't know how else I can restate this to make it clearer. Frankly I should have known better than to even have replied in the first place: You're such a fanatic that you're completely blind to reason. You're even telling me that I love DRM. You're saying that DRM has nothing to do with piracy (it was around a lot longer than used games). I mean, I don't even know what I can say to you. You're a foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic.

Comment Re:I will never pay for DLC (Score 1) 466

I don't care if you never pay for a game. Hell, I've downloaded games. The difference is I'm not going to act like I DESERVE to have the game. That's what I've been talking about here, but for some reason you can't grasp that. You're so tied up in your little morality play that you don't even see that you're a poster child for the spoiled self-entitled brat.

I hate DRM. And I hate people like you because you refuse to admit that your actions are exactly the kind of thing that makes publishers feel DRM is necessary.

Comment Re:I will never pay for DLC (Score 1) 466

This isn't a case of someone else offering lemonade. This is the same product you decided you weren't paying for but decided you would have anyway.

Do you know how much work goes into making a game? It's only because games are digital media that you believe they're free. You completely disregard the effort and expense that goes into them, and just look at the free copies that OTHER people are putting out. Just because it's an easily copied finished product you think getting it without paying is fine? Would you think that about any physical product?

I never claimed that you thought you HAVE to have these games. I just pointed to the fact that you state you WILL get the game, whether you pay for it or not. That is a textbook example of entitlement. That is you deciding that you deserve it no matter what.

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