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Submission + - Steve Wozniak Has Backup For Failing iPhone 4 (

Voelspriet writes: "Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and tv-dancer, acknowledges the reception problems with the new iPhone 4. His blunt advice: “If you can afford it, carry a second Verizon phone for backup”.
Another option is to “carry a MiFi and rely on Skype on your iPhone”. He remembers in an interview with Dutch technologist Henk van Ess vividly when the problems started. "The first time I tried I was able to duplicate the problem. My wife was driving me to the airport and as soon as I got a short distance from my home, and no longer on wifi, I tried it by accessing a web page (using Safari on my iPhone 4) and observing the progress bar.
As the bar started to proceed I lightly (‘lightly’) touched a couple of fingers to the trouble area and the progress bar froze. When I lifted my fingers the progress bar continued it’s rapid progress. Putting my finger[s] back down halted the progress bar again. Lifting my fingers another time allowed the web page to finish loading.""

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Resellers Iphone Hack: Where Are The Goodies? (

Voelspriet writes: "The resellers of the paid Iphone Hack cry out loud because they didn't get the licenses they paid for. Check to find out how an anonymous reseller feels conned by an anonymous hacking group:

Our original supplier, iPhoneSimeFree have let us down and have not delivered the 550 unlocks we paid for.

I just received a messages from the other Australian reseller, with similar complaints. They wrote:

To all our loyal customers.

We have been let down by iPhoneSimFree. I paid for 2500 licenses then received nothing spent my own money on this venture.

I did it for the community and hopefully you can stick by me.

We have teamed up with a new supplier to bring you the first release Software Unlock for your iPhone
Download the application here —

Oh my.

If you need to have more facts, just call me on +31 33 4571017. I'm a reporter myself but won't use this because it's too tech for my medium."


Submission + - Iphone Breaks Free Today For $30 (

Voelspriet writes: " will start selling the software to unlock the Iphone today for at least $25 to resellers. The lowest price for consumers should be around $30. This is what they write me 2 minutes ago:

We are delighted to confirm that the world's first and only total software driven unlocking solution for the iPhone will be released tomorrow (Monday, 10th September 2007). The first ever iPhonesimfree licenses will be available to all B2B customers who have successfully sent payment to our company. Future customers and those yet to send payment Our company understands reservations from customers regarding sending payment for such ground-breaking software without personal proof. However, please understand that we have thousands of enquiries per day from potential customers and to offer sample unlocks to all businesses would be a very time consuming process which only would have delayed the release of the software further. In our opinion, it was much more logical to allow leading technology blogs in the form of Engadget (part of Weblogs Inc) and Gizmodo (part of Gawker Media) as well as leading news agency CNN to experience the software themselves in action as ultimately these news outlets are completely independent to our company and act as more than reputable testament to the success of our product. Here is what the respective parties have said about our product:- — e/ — "It's completely software hacked, it took Schulte about two minutes to unlock the iPhone." — -atandt-loses-iphone-exclusivity-august-24-2007/ — "we can confirm with 100% certainty that's software solution completely SIM unlocks the iPhone." — ock-confirmed-on-video-297651.php — iPhone Software Unlock confirmed on Video As of tomorrow, all those clients who placed initial trust in our software product will have the ability to perform iPhone unlock services worldwide via our licensing software and these resellers themselves will act as a further solid layer of proof that our product is indeed the real deal. For those who are waiting for others to 'try before you buy', we welcome a proforma invoice request which will allow you to complete your order as and when you are ready. Related developments . Those customers who have confirmed their payments will be contacted shortly with respective account details . Please note licenses won't be activated until payment has been confirmed by our bank but it will be possible to pre-enter data so that resellers can service their customers as quick as possible when activation is completed. . A new public website will be launching soon to better communicate the benefits of our software product to individual consumers and ultimately provide even stronger support to our business customers. The new website will also point visitors to a resellers section and we will be promoting the most prolific iPhonesimfree licensee resellers based on country and a minimum order criteria. . We are expect a huge flood of enquiries from Tuesday as iPhonesimfree unlocks will be performed by many online and offline resellers. Therefore please bear with us if you should experience any lengthy delays in hearing back from us but rest assured we will get back to you.

Earlier, I got there prices:

WHAT IS THE PRICING STRUCTURE? The minimum number of licenses you can order is 50 pieces. Minimum quantity and pricing are not negotiable. 50 licenses: $36/each 100 licenses: $34/each 250 licenses: $32/each 500 licenses: $30/each 1000 licenses: $28/each 2500 licenses: $27/each 5000 licenses: $25/each IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: WHAT GUARANTEES DO WE HAVE AGAINST FUTURE UPDATES? We CANNOT guarantee that this software will work after any future updates for the iphone. It does currently work on all firmware versions, up to and including, 1.02 We will naturally try to provide our resellers an updated version of our software for each firmware update, it is in our interest, but we do NOT guarantee that we will be able to do so. WE ARE A TEAM: is a wholesale only company. Although we could, we do not and will not sell directly to end users, because we want to work together with our valuable resellers as a team and not interfere in their business."

The Internet

Submission + - Don't Kill The Trolls, But Feed Them ( 2

Henk van Ess writes: " has initiated an idea to rid communities (be it forums, blogs, whatever) of trolls. Not get rid of them by banning them or nuking their posts, no, by accepting their trolly messages and keeping them at ease. The smart thing is that this anti-troll plug-in only shows the trolly stuff to the troll itself. That way, the other community members need not suffer. The idea was presented today on Dutch radio in Radio Online. A free beta plug-in for Wordpress will be available soon."

Submission + - 71 New Search Keywords In Google & Still Count

Voelspriet writes: "It's not perfect, but hey, it's new. Google accepts all kind of new search words, triggered by info boxes on Wikipedia, Amazon, CIA, and some obscure sites. I compiled a list of 71 keywords that result in a direct answer on #1 in Google. (You don't have to open the source, you get the answer right away.) The syntax is keywords & trigger (country, artist or company). Let me know if you find more..

Age structure (country)
Airports (country)
Area (country)
Birth rate (country)
Capital (country)
Climate (country)
Coastline (country)
Constitution (country)
Currency (country)
Dependent areas (country)
Diplomatic representation from the US (country)
Economy (country)
Employees (company)
Environment — current issues (country)
Environment — international agreements (country)
Ethnic groups (country)
Executive branch (company)
Exports (country)
Flag description (country)
Founded (company)
Genre (artist)
Geographic coordinates (country)
Geography — note (country)
Government (country)
Head of state (country)
Headquarters (company)
heliport (country)
HIV/AIDS — deaths (country)
Illicit Drugs (country)
Imports (country)
Independence (country)
Industries (country)
Inflation rate (country)
International organization participation (country)
Internet TLD (country)
Internet users (country)
Judicial branch (country)
Key People (company)
Label (artist)
Labor force (country)
Land use (country)
Language (country)
Legal system(country)
Legislative branch(country)
Literacy (country)
Map Reference (country)
Maritime claims (country)
Military Branches (country)
Music: (artist) — old one.
National hazards (country)
National holiday (country)
Nationality (country)
Natural resources (country)
Population below poverty line (country)
Political parties and leaders (country)
Political pressure groups and leaders (country)
Prime Minister (country)
Products (company)
Public Debt (country)
Radios (country)
Railways (country)
Religion (country)
Revenue (country)
Slogan (company)
Televisions (country)
Time Zone (country)
Terrain (country)
Trading Partners (country)
Unemployment rate (country)"

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