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Comment Re:Use more bandwidth to enjoy media? (Score 1) 247

100 Mbps connections are becoming pretty cheap is some places. 30 euros a month here, no usage cap.

So yes, streaming a BD is definitely something I would consider streaming (in any direction) if there was a point to it. Because obviously it's easier to stream a rip of nearly equivalent quality (not a 720p one, please).

What I'd gladly have would be a streaming friendly P2P network. It always feels a waste to download a movie at 10 time its bitrate, yet not being able to watch it because of that tiny 128kb chunk missing in the first mb... And I'm pretty sure it's the same for whoever is benefiting of my upload.

Comment Ever walk into a library and smell.... (Score 1) 254

That sweet sickly smell in libraries... That is the smell of the collection rotting.

That is the waste of human knowledge with time. Failing to secure the knowledge of the world's past is criminal. Digital copies of all published work should exist, in a single location, for the preservation of knowledge.

I agree that rightholders should be able to control access to their content. Perhaps a payment system can be worked into the equation. The cost should be considerably less than print works, simply because digital data doesn't require printing, etc, etc... Orphan works should, however, remain part of our history, and should be accessible. Furthermore, any work in the public domain should be available.

So far, I've bought three books for which excerpts were available. They were scientific works, which I would not have considered buying unless I had seen a preview, to ensure they had the relevant data I needed. I then donated those books to my library.

Win, win, win, for everybody. Vive le googlebooks...


Silverlight 2.0 Released 164

rfernand79 writes "Via Scott Guthrie's Blog for Microsoft, we find out that Silverlight 2.0 has been released. The blog post notes some interesting statistics, including the magnitude of video streamed during the Olympics and the Democratic National Convention (both using Silverlight). 'Hello Worlds' and educational links are included in the post."

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