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Comment Re:SystemD (Score 2) 88

My desktop is 16.04 (well, whatever the Mint equiv is), but my two servers are still 14.04 and I have no plans to upgrade them. If I replace the hardware I may end up with systemd, but I am trying to avoid it for server as long as possible. For my desktop I care a lot less and it is becoming more difficult to get a newer linux desktop without it. I do not run server type services on my desktop machine, so my interaction with systemd is virtually none. I do have to use linux machines at work that run systemd though, so I am becoming somewhat familiar with it. Every time I need to run journalctl I want to scream.

Comment Re:Needs municipal class action (Score 1) 767

Where I live this is mostly a non-issue, the side roads are intentionally made so you cannot do this, believe me I have tried. There is no shortcut, the roads end for no reason or take a big curvy path with lots of stop signs. The one place I am aware of that people were using for a shortcut they just blocked the road mid-way through and made you go around a big block that made it not worth it. At first I thought the roads were just asinine,but the longer I live here the more beauty I see in it and the more I am annoyed during construction season.

Comment Re:Must hackers be such dicks about this? (Score 1) 270

Perception is everything. Why in the world would anyone really fix/solve problems when they don't have to? Don't blame the institution, blame the sheep that let them. Until people truly care about this sort of thing, nothing will change. Posting comments here will not fix that. Until you understand this, fix the system you will not.

Comment Re:The lesson (Score 1) 329

What the makers of laws intend, and what actually result from the laws as written, rarely overlap.

I'm not so sure this is true. What lawmakers say they are passing it for, and the reality of the special interests they are helping are usually different. While this may be ignorance on the part of the lawmakers, if they have lobbiests demanding things, the lawmakers should know the issues are not what they seem. I assume even when these laws were passed, the taxi owners were trying to prevent others from competing using safety as the premise. Politics has been and always will be dirty so long as money is permitted to run through it.

Comment Re:Telsa's lobbiest crashes (Score 1) 294
"the act or practice of giving or taking a bribe"
"2: something that serves to induce or influence"

Explain to me where it says it has to be illegal to be bribery. Yes, it does have a definition, and yes, you do not understand it.

A campain contribution is a bribe by the dictionary definition. We have voted in people who made the legal definition different from the dictionary definition.

Comment Talk to a lawyer (Score 3, Insightful) 224

Seriously, talk to a lawyer. I am not at all versed in various IP /employment laws and I assume you are not either. I have no idea what can go wrong, but you need to know these things. Have that lawyer read anything you are going to sign. You do not want to sign away your rights accidentally. Once you know the finer details of the relevant case law, you can decide how you want to approach it. If you are an employee and you do not want to share your patents and your employer uses them anyway, what happens then? Are you going to sue your employer? Corporations are soulless entities that will suck whatever life/power out of you that you let them. Work on the assumption they are out to screw you and prepare appropriately.

Comment Re:your fundamental problem (Score 1) 159

Sales and Marketing departments use tactics I loathe, but are generally very effective. Scaring non-technical people is easy as they see the world differently than we do and tend not to effectively use logic when making decisions. When it comes to sales, anything that can be used against you will be (assuming your competition is competent). Sales isn’t omniscient and many times they misjudge situations, but in this particular case, you should listen to them. Remember, the public doesn’t typically respond to logical arguments unless all actors are using logic in their reasoning. The problem here is that you are trying to present a logical argument. Your competition will not. While I agree that the Sales department could attempt this argument, if they do not believe in it, I do not think it will succeed. I do not view it as laziness, the developer here is making their job more difficult. You want the Sales team to have an easier job so they make more sales.

Comment Re:Why aren't (more) governments being overthrown? (Score 1) 320

How do you know they are not using it? They did something to strong arm NZ into raiding Mega. It is entirely possible they use this all the time. Need new copyright laws to appear in a country? Blackmail on the ready. There are many things the US successfully convinces other countries to do. Why outright overthrow a government when you can subvert it slowly and methodically?

Comment Re:Nuke bomb theory makes no sense (Score 2) 436

Typically you want a nuke at altitude for maximum damage. Setting it off on a boat would not have near the radius. Not only do you get good downward force and range from above, the EMP would do damage to a larger area as well. One would hope you couldn't get close enough with no transponder, hopefully we don't find out. Personally, I would consider it a waste to use one at sea level.

Comment Suck it up (Score 1) 182

At this point, I wouldn't do anything. If this security vulnerability becomes public from an anonymous source, the vendor will blame you. That is the issue with disclosing it to the vendor, once you have done so, your choices are bend to their will if they won't play ball, or ruin the relationship. I would recommend working towards getting rid of the vendor, as they are leaving your system insecure and not willing to fix the issue. Until that point, suck it up.

Comment Re:My opinion and experience (Score 1) 426

Personally, I prefer it if the boss gets the food then goes away. It is one less distraction. The only exception to this is if my boss can actually help solve the problem or I need someone to bounce ideas off of. Otherwise get the hell out of my way, sitting in an office surfing the web doesn't help anyone solve the problem. I'd rather have my boss get rest so he can fight off the shitstorm better the next day.

Comment Re:Depressing, but not uncommon (Score 1) 1251

I work with a system like this, and you can pretty much guarantee that when something like the flu goes around, you are probably going to get it cause everyone comes into work anyway. Our management says not to come in sick, but I have yet to see them send someone home for it. It is almost counter productive cause you get people coming in and basically accomplishing nothing all day. I've witnessed the opposite abuses though, so I understand both sides. I've seen people call in sick when they were not just to use sick time. I would imagine that happens frequently in countries that mandate sick leave.

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